Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

If you don’t know what either of those are, you are missing out on the king of breakfast meats. Thinly sliced, spicy breakfast salami, it is the official breakfast meat of New Jersey:

Taylor Pork Roll

Some call it pork roll, others Taylor Ham, though it only vaguely resembles ham. It’s not rubbery like Spam, or grainy like scrapple. It has a spice all its own, and when sliced thin and fried to crisp edges, it is the perfect accompaniment to a fried egg and slice of American cheese (Land O’ Lakes preferred) on a kaiser roll, bagel, English muffin, tortilla, or my favorite, challah French Toast:

jersey farmer
The Jersey Farmer at the Candlewyck Diner

P.S.: Challah is pronounced “Holla!”

You can get this at the Candlewyck Diner near Giants stadium in the Meadowlands, and I reviewed this great Jersey diner for Devil Gourmet, in my weekly column The Big Eat.


4 thoughts on “Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

  1. Do they still sell it in those cloth bags down there in Jersey? My folks moved back to PA when I was ten and that’s one of the things I missed the most. They’ve finally started selling the packs like you have pictured so after years and years and years I finally can get my Taylor’s fix. :)

    • Yes, at delis it comes in the big cloth-wrapped roll, but you can buy smaller ones in the store like that, so it’s as thick as you like!
      It’s the only mystery meat I won’t give up. I try to keep it down to once a month…

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