An Honor and a Duty

Criminal Element reviewed BLADE OF DISHONOR today as part of their “Fresh Meat” series.

Writers like to say reviews don’t affect us—especially the bad ones—but of course it is not true. Ms. Keller had a lot of nice things to say:

“He has a certain style, a punchy language that puts the reader right into the action, successfully amping up my adrenalin and leaving me on the edge of my seat. This also has the effect of driving the story forward at break-neck speed, making it hard to put the book down until the very end. And to be honest, folks, I wanted more when it was over. Call me an adrenaline junkie if you will, but the rush his writing supplies is addictive.”

I couldn’t ask for a higher honor, to have a reader say that. It’s humbling. You’d think praise like that would lead to arrogance, and writers do need to be wary not to fall into that trap. Humility is the kind of pride that steadies you from falling. And I’ll express that by considering it my duty to live up to that kind of review. To fulfill those expectations, no matter how much work it takes. I will not rush things out the door. I will not dilute the intensity of the stories I want to write. And I will write for the reader first, earning their attention with every word, every line, every paragraph, every page.

Sometimes, as my wife just remarked, it makes me breathe heavily with fierce concentration. But that’s the only way I know how to do it.


You can get part one of Blade of Dishonor, The War Comes Home, for .99 cents on Kindle.




Blade of Dishonor cover2 (web)

All three parts are available in the Omnibus edition for $4.99

and the Trade Paperback will be available soon.

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