Ninja pencils with signed copies of Blade of Dishonor

Ninja Pencils Blade of Dishonor

If you’d like a signed copy of Blade of Dishonor, Contact me via this Contact Form. Signed copies are $20 shipped, and come with a Ninja pencil as shown. Black eraser tip and a smooth non-reflective finish for stealthy midnight strikes on the page, they are also good for punyo strikes to the soft flesh of the throat just beneath the larynx, or left on the top step of the stairs as a deadly booby trap. They come unsharpened. Ask your neighborhood ninja to whittle it to a deadly point.

For an extra $2, you can get the coolest badge on the block: a Tartan heart from Children 1st Scotland. These snazzy cloisonne pins show your support for the 125 year old social organization to help at-risk children. I will also have these at Bouchercon.

tartan heart badge