I will be at Bouchercon 2013, the yearly festival of all things crime fiction. If you’re going, I’ll be meandering from panel to panel, from coffeehouse to burger joint to bar, spreading joy and debauchercon.*

I will have copies of Blade of Dishonor and Protectors to sign and sell. Blade of Dishonor will also be available in the dealer’s room at the Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza table. I’ll be at the Pulp panel with pals Josh Stallings and Les Edgerton, at the panel with Holly West, and I’ll have tartan hearts from Children 1st to sell to the cool folks who like helping kids.

This is what I look like:

Tom in Jail

Come say hi. I don’t bite. Unless you bite first. Waka waka.


*Debauchercon- defined as the area around me in a 10 feet radius during Bouchercon

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