The Protect HERO Corps

protect hero

They fought on a foreign battlefield to protect our nation. Now an elite corps of warriors is stepping onto the most important battlefield of their lives: hunting child predators and rescuing American children in danger.
The H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps is an unprecedented new force in the global battle against child exploitation, abuse and human trafficking. Learn more on these pages about how some of America’s most tested and proven warriors are mobilizing to rescue children in danger. Then join us. There are many ways you and your company or organization can support the H.E.R.O. Corps mission.

Whether you make a direct donation to PROTECT, either one-time or using their convenient monthly/quarterly Paypal donation, or you buy PROTECTORS: STORIES TO BENEFIT PROTECT and get 41 stories by Andrew Vachss, Joe Lansdale, Roxane Gay, George Pelecanos, Ken Bruen, Dave White, Ray Banks, James Reasoner, Charles DeLint, Patti Abbott, Wayne Dundee, Michael A. Black, Johnny Shaw, Jen Conley and many, many more, you are helping fund this program that puts veterans to useful work fighting the online scourge of child predators.

Join us. Join PROTECT today.