Free this Week: Devils & Dragons, and a raffle

Part 2 of Blade of Dishonor, Devils and Dragons, continues the story that exploded in Part 1, The War Comes Home. Butch battles ninjas and Nazis while Reeves and Tara race across the heartland in pursuit of the stolen sword!


It is FREE this week on Kindle, in honor of Veteran’s Day. It is free in all countries where Kindle is sold, and the link should take you to the proper site.

Also, if you want a chance at winning the entire trilogy in the Omnibus edition for Kindle or in trade paperback, drop by Laura K. Curtis’s blog! Laura is the author of TWISTED:

Lucy Sadler Caldwell is a successful true-crime writer. But the one story she’s never been able to come to terms with is the murder of her own mother–until now. She’s returned to Dobbs Hollow, Texas, the hometown she fled seventeen years ago, to finally expose the real killer.

After a bullet took out his knee in Houston, Detective Ethan Donovan found himself without a lot of options, which is how he ended up as Chief of Police in Dobbs Hollow. Lucy sure isn’t asking for his help–she’s not big on trust–but he can’t help feeling a strong desire to come to her aid.

And though Lucy is armed to the teeth, she will need all the help she can get. When she starts digging into the past, she unearths a psychotic killer who will stop at nothing to silence her forever…

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