Meet the Blade Brigade: Elizabeth Amber

This week I introduce you to some of the friends who helped with Blade of Dishonor. Part 2 of the trilogy, Devils and Dragons, is free on Kindle until the 16th. You can get Part 1: The War Comes Home for 99 cents here, and Part 3: The Shadow Shogun for $1.99 here. That’s a dollar savings off the omnibus edition (which collects all all 3 novellas for $3.99). And yes, it is available in Trade Paperback from bookstores and e-tailers. If you buy the trade on Amazon, you can get the Kindle version for 99 cents through the matchbook program.

That's Amber Unmasked looking bad-ass
That’s Amber Unmasked looking bad-ass

I met Amber through her charity work with Comic Fusion- each year they hold a superhero parade to benefit a Hunterdon domestic violence shelter. I bought a Thor poster for Firecracker to support the cause, and earlier this year Amber interviewed me on her comics, writing, and art podcast Vodka O’Clock. When she’s not interviewing, she models, writes, cosplays, blogs, and supports the art she loves. You can visit her website at Amber Unmasked and follow her on Twitter at @elizabethamber

If you want to rock one of these t-shirts with the cover art by Roxanne Patruznick and design by Suzanne Dell’Orto, you can get them here (along with signed copies of the paperback).
Blade of Dishonor T-Shirts

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