A collection of Blade of Dishonor reviews

I’ve been thrilled with the response to Blade of Dishonor… about as thrilled as the reviewers were by the breathtaking pace of an action story that doesn’t sacrifice character or emotional impact. 

Here are a few of them, for those of you on the fence (or waiting for the Nook and Kobo editions, which will arrive early next year). It is available in paperback from several bookstores and online retailers, and for Kindle e-readers.

“There’s a reason so many brilliant writers cut their teeth on the pulps, and this book both honors that tradition and expands it. You want interwoven plots running parallel between WWII and Right Now? You want violence mixed with romance? You want sacrifice, courage, and honor? Truth-based fable? Or maybe you just want hardcore-clean writing delivered at warp speed. Look no further—it’s all here.” –Andrew Vachss, author of Urban Renewal, Aftershock, and the Burke series.

“The Raiders of the Lost Ark of pulp paperbacks… the most unpretentious novel I’ve read in a long time. I hope Pluck realizes that many of these pulp books had a hundred to a series.” -Scott Montgomery, MysteryPeople

“A love letter to all the great action adventure stories that so many fans hold dear. It’s also a loving tribute to The Greatest Generation, who fought overseas in World War II. Enjoyable as all get out!” —Dan Malmon, Crimespree Magazine

“The rush his writing supplies is addictive.” –Amber Keller, CRIMINAL ELEMENT

“Ghosts of the past and shattered dreams haunt the town as well as Reeves and there are no easy answers for either… in this very good tale where honor means everything.” -Kevin Tipple, Kevin’s Book Corner

Blade of Dishonor cover (web)

and some blurbs from fellow authors:

“Dialogue driven, action packed, some amore, and some back and forth history about Butch’s war experiences lend a nice historical touch to this adventurous novel. Blade of Dishonor is a fast-paced ride loaded with great dialogue—a three part dynamo.” – Charlie Stella, author of ROUGH RIDERS

“Thomas Pluck is a hell of a writer, his prose is blade sharp  and he writes with the heart of a warrior.”  –Josh Stallings, author of ONE MORE BODY

“This is what big-scale blockbuster movies aim for but so seldom achieve … Over-the-top action grounded by real people you truly care about and want to root for.”  –Wayne D. Dundee, author of the Joe Hannibal PI series

Nothing makes you both humble and full of drive than a smash review from a personal hero… so I’m off to begin the next round of revisions on Bury the Hatchet.