The Big List of Beer Events

Annual Beer Events in New Jersey!

Annual Events in NJ

New Jersey is home to over 20 craft breweries and numerous brewpubs so it’s no surprise that there are well over a dozen beer events held thru out the year.  Add in Oktoberfest celebrations throughout September and October and there’s no shortage of  events where you can eat delicious food and  sample craft brews from NJ, the US or from around the world. Whether you’re a casual beer drinker or a beer snob there’s an event almost every month where you can find a beer that will become your new favorite. A good website to visit to learn more about Jersey beers is NJ Craft beer. They have a lot of information for home brewers and a large calendar of events going on a local pubs. they also list all the NJ breweries, most of which offer tours throughout the year.


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