Urban Renewal – the return of Cross and Crew!

Urban Renewal – the return of Cross and Crew!

urban renewal

Characters that pop off the page, but behave like a real outlaw family in the ice cold criminal heart of Chicago, this is modern pulp at its best. Princess was born in a cage and never starts a fight… but ends one with a one-man war. Buddha is as laser-accurate with a pistol as he is behind the wheel of their armored street rod. Rhino is a walking man mountain, Ace an assassin with a sawed-off so short it might as well be a hand grenade… Tiger, as beautiful and deadly as the beast whose name she takes, and Cross, a walking set of crosshairs that you never want to find aimed at you. They’re carving themselves a home, and anyone who gets in their way is landfill…
And Andrew Vachss donated his new author photo to PROTECT, so they get paid for the licensing. A great idea to keep revenue streaming to a great cause.

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  1. I’ve been rereading Vachss lately, starting at the beginning of the Burke series (by the way, his publisher, Vintage, actually does a good job producing ebooks). I may just have to satisfy my collector gene and get the Cross books in paper.

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