Giveaway: Young God, by Katherine Faw Morris

2weg1.Em.138I really enjoyed YOUNG GOD by Katherine Faw Morris- here’s my review for Criminal Element. It’s a brutal quick read in the vein of Frank Bill and Vicki Hendricks, flash-fast noir with an unapologetic female protagonist.

I have a copy to give away. For a chance, leave a comment with the best novel you’ve read this year. I’ll pick a wiener at random on Monday morning.



19 thoughts on “Giveaway: Young God, by Katherine Faw Morris

  1. Oh man, I haven’t even tried to rank my faves of the year yet, so I’ll simply mention the FIRST novel that blew me away this year: Les Edgerton’s ‘The Rapist.’
    God. Damn. Great.

  2. My favorite so far is PROHIBITION by Terrence McCauly. Really enjoyed his story development and characters. ~ Mark

    • Would also say Corrosion by Bassoff. So hard to rate a favorite when there have been so many good books that I read this year.

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