Stories of Gratefulness – a new book by Jody Lynn Reicher

The most reassuring and simultaneously daunting secret you’ll learn is that incredibly successful people have just as many doubts as those who are just starting.

Stephen King, in a recent interview, talks about how he still struggles with it. Brave heroes will tell you that yes, they were afraid. They just acted anyway. So it should be no surprise that one of my most accomplished friends, Jody Lynn Reicher, struggled with low self-esteem as a child. As a young woman growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, she was told that her dream of becoming a Marine was impossible. Then she was told that her foot problems would stop her from running. but that didn’t stop her from becoming an ultramarathon runner, and holding running events for charity. And in her 40’s,  people told her to forget her dream of becoming a pro MMA fighter… and you know what I’m gonna say. I’ll let the photo speak for itself:

Jody lynn Reicher Stance_080813_sn_tif_Jody taught me not to quit. She helped our trainer Phil Dunlap show me what I could accomplish. I’m a slow learner. I need to know how things work, and it takes time for my muscle memory to kick in. I never thought I’d hold my own on the grappling mats, but by sticking with it, and failing over and over again–“Failing better” as Samuel Beckett calls it–I achieved the goals I set out for myself. The same with writing, work, hiking, and any other goal.

Now Jody didn’t learn this on her own, either. And she’s written a book about it, and the power of gratefulness. This book shows her struggles and introduces us to the people who encouraged her, and who believed in her when she didn’t believe in herself. I was honored when she asked me to write the Foreword to this book, and my foreword, about how “Gratitude is Attitude” is available in:

Reaching God’s Perfection: Stories of Gratefulness, by Jody Lynn Reicher.

1888777_368820859959679_4897422473077368219_oAvailable now for Kindle, cover by Suzanne Dell’Orto, ebook design by JW Manus. Trade paperback will be coming soon. It will also be available on iBooks and Nook shortly.

Jody is an inspiration, so if you enjoy inspirational memoirs this is a great read, introducing you to someone with unbelievable endurance and an contagious, positive spirit.