Master Archer Demo

Lars Andersen researched combat archery in the pre-firearms world, and practiced methods that he rediscovered. If you think Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies was unrealistic, Lars does everything except surf down stairs on a shield. And I’m pretty sure he could do that, too. He shoots faster than the movies, managing 3 precise hits in .6 seconds. He uses hunting arrows, fires point blank, while running and jumping, and varies from melee shooting to 100 yard shots with ease. Watch, it’s very impressive, and the video shows how he went from firing from quivers to holding arrows in his off hand, to holding them in his bowstring hand. To do that, you need to fire with the arrow on the right side of the bow, opposite of what we do now.

I’ve always enjoyed archery, I’m a decent instinct shot, but now I want a bow with no shelf so I can practice ye olde fashioned way…

More details at BoingBoing.

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