The Weiner!

Because Sheldon missed my reply to his comment- I’m making a post.

Sheldon, you won the copy of Clock Without Hands. Use the Contact Form at the upper right to send me a mailing address, so I can get your book in the mail.

Thanks all for playing…

2 thoughts on “The Weiner!

  1. Thanks again for the copy of Clock Without Hands. It was a terrific read and your introduction was pretty much spot on.

    One thing you didn’t mention that I’ve always enjoyed about Gerald Kersh’s work is the way he can spin off into a digression that the reader flows with – like a leaf on a stream – until he returns, seamlessly, to the main narrative and the reader has been given a new perspective on that main narrative. He does that frequently in Fairy Gold and it is one of the richest reading experiences I’ve had in a good long while.

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