LB & the Bear

He drives the truck. That makes me the monkey.

tommy and lbThat’s Lawrence Block and myself, at the Dark City Lights: New York Stories launch party last night, held at The Mysterious Bookshop. If you haven’t been there, it’s like a cathedral to crime fiction; make your pilgrimage. They have everything. I grabbed a few copies of LB’s books- Borderline and The Crime of Our Lives- and GBH, by Ted Lewis, a fantastic crime novel from 1980 that reads like new. (If you enjoyed Get Carter, this is his masterpiece.)

Signing books with LB, Tom Callahan, Ed Parks, Erin Mitchell, S.J. Rozan, Parnell Hall, Brian Koppelman, Reed Farrel Coleman, Jerrold Mundis, Annette Meyers, Jill Block (a chip off the old… I’m sure she’s never heard that before) and publishers Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges, was rather dreamlike. It also helps that Otto Penzler and Ian Kearn throw a great reading, well-stocked with Brooklyn Brewery suds and bottles of vino. I met editor Jaime Lewis, who worked with Preston & Child, whose Cabinet of Curiosities remains one of my favorite thrillers. Greg Rossi dropped in, and Jason Starr, and I told a lot of new folks about Noir at the Bar.

Speaking of- the next Noir at the Bar event at Shade in Manhattan (corner of West 3rd & Sullivan, right near Washington Square park) is 5/17, and will include readings from Dark City Lights. It’s a Three Rooms Press takeover! On June 7th we go back to normal, and have a great lineup, including Rob Hart reading from his debut novel NEW YORKED. Remember to join the Noir at the Bar mailing list (link is to your right) if you don’t want to miss one.

And I was profiled by The Montclair Times, about Dark City Lights. They got the name of my next project wrong–it’s “Death to Hipsters”–but it was nice talking about the town and how it inspires me.