Get Plucked: now available for pre-order – and a chance to win Dark City Lights!

Get Plucked w_ Beard

How’d you like to Get Plucked?

My newest story collection includes a tribute to Elmore Leonard, where a computer nerd and an Island barmaid race against the mob; a shifty construction foreman encounters zombies and sex dungeons in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; visitors review the Overlook hotel from THE SHINING; a psychotic virus hunter plans to unleash apocalypse during the panic of 2012; a kid who hides in the woods to scare urban legend hunters gets a surprise of his own, and eight more twisted, dark and funny tales.

You can pre-order it for Kindle now. If you e-mail your Amazon receipt to me at goombahgumbo [at] gmail [dot] com (use an @ and . where appropriate) you’ll be entered in a raffle to win a trade paperback of DARK CITY LlGHTS: New York Stories, edited by Lawrence Block. It contains my story “The Big Snip,” and stories by 22 other authors, including LB himself.

Also, share it on Twitter, tag it with #getplucked and I’ll count another entry. Same if you share it on Facebook, just tag me or my Writer Thomas Pluck page and it will be counted.

You have until June 9th, when Get Plucked is released into the wild; that also happens to be my birthday. My “magnum” birthday, the 44th, where I will shave my beard off into a Magnum P.I. mustache and drink a magnum of champagne (or more likely, enjoy a beer and a burger at the pub with friends, but you never know).

So Get Get Plucked, for some of my best stories, and a chance to win Dark City Lights!