.44 Magnum birthday means… Get Plucked!

Today I’ve reached that milestone… not sweet 16, far from it. Not even 33, the Rolling Rock year… no, today is my .44 magnumth birthday! And while I won’t drink a magnum of champagne or shave my mustache into a Tom Selleck Magnum P.I. lip broom, I am proud to announce the release of a new collection. My funniest, most twisted stories- from pulp and crime capers to spoofs, apocalypse, and Brown Sugar Brookdale, my Shaft-meets-Billy Jack biker kung fu bad-ass!

Get Plucked w_ BeardMy newest story collection includes a tribute to Elmore Leonard, where a computer nerd and an Island barmaid race against the mob; a shifty construction foreman encounters zombies and sex dungeons in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; visitors review the Overlook hotel from THE SHINING; a psychotic virus hunter plans to unleash apocalypse during the panic of 2012; a kid who hides in the woods to scare urban  legend hunters gets a surprise of his own, and eight more twisted, dark and funny tales.

It is available for:

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble Nook

Kobo E-readers through Watchung Booksellers, and BookPeople

Apple iBooks

Page Foundry


These stories have never been collected before, and includes “Pope Lick Nuisance,” a new story that’s never been published. Kick off your summer with some laughs and squirms, and Get Plucked!

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