Protectors 2: Heroes sneak-peek, cover & Table of Contents

A few years ago, following on the “Lost Children” flash fiction campaign by my good friend Fiona “McDroll” Johnson, I put together a huge anthology to benefit PROTECT and the National Association to Protect Children, the political lobby behind the Circle of Trust laws that closed the infamous “incest loopholes” which allowed for light sentences for predators who assaulted their own children, and the charity that supports the HERO Corps, a joint effort between ICE and SOCOM to train wounded veterans to assist local and federal law enforcement in hunting online predators and identifying their victims.

That book has 41 authors, united for one cause, protecting children, and you can buy it here- Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT.

I teamed up with Jaye Manus and Suzanne Dell’Orto, and a brigade we’re back… to let you know: we can really shake ’em down:

It took me awhile to get the next book together, but it reunites some writers from the first, along with many new names, totaling 55 stories, plus art, poems, and illustrations, for a giant 600 page beast of a book. I asked everyone I thought would support the cause, and the writing community responded in force. The cover is nearly finished, so here’s a tease of the cover, and a link to the new Protectors Books website (built by the unflappable Laura K. Curtis, who also contributed a story) which includes the final Table of Contents. You’ll recognize many of the names:

Andrew Vachss. Joyce Carol Oates. David Morrell. Hilary Davidson. Laird Barron. Joelle Charbonneau. Charles de Lint. SJ Rozan. Reed Farrel Coleman. Harlan Ellison®. Wayne Dundee. and… Alison Arngrim (you may know her as “Nellie Olsen” from Little House on the Prairie, and from her work for PROTECT!)

Most of the stories are originals, or have not appeared in print for a long time; the authors range from legends and gold standards to emerging and up and coming, including the first publications of P.J. Ward and Andrew D’Apice, and new fiction from well-known authors of all genres.

The book will be available for e-book pre-order very soon, and in print in September, via direct order, online retailers, and through independent bookstores (via Ingram). There will be a special 2-fer offer for the first and second collection, ebook and print, when purchasing direct through the website (or at Noir at the Bar, and Bouchercon 2015).

Here’s a peek at the cover, by Suzanne Dell’Orto. You can view the full Table of Contents here.


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