Pluckery among the Anthony Award nominees 2016

Bouchercon 2016 just announced the 2016 Anthony Award nominees, and I am thrilled to know so many of the deserving names, and to be involved in two of the nominated books.

First of all, congratulations to everyone who made the ballot. This is a fan-nominated award, and nothing is more dear to a writer’s heart than to know their books are actually being bought and read. So, thank all the readers for reading and nominating!

The full list of nominees is available at the official Bouchercon page. But to be selfish, the ones that I’m in are both anthologies:

Protectors 2: Heroes, Stories to Benefit PROTECT, was my baby this year and contains 55 stories. You can get the full list here. The book itself is nominated for best anthology, and Holly West’s story “Don’t Fear the Ripper” is also up for best short story! Big congratulations to Holly. You’ll be seeing more of this story, it’s also been selected for a Ripper anthology.

ThugLit Presents Cruel Yule: Holiday Tales of Crime for People on the Naughty List, edited by Todd Robinson, contains my story “Letters to Santa,” plus stories from Johnny Shaw, Hilary Davidson, and many more. Johnny’s story “Feliz Navidead” is also nominated for best story. It’s a Chingón tale, and if you haven’t read or heard one, they are hilarious. Congrats, Johnny!

Some of my favorite writers are up for the award as well. (Many of them have stories in Protectors anthologies, too)  Josh Stallings’ fantastic ’70s glitter heist novel Young Americans is up for best paperback original AND best audiobook, New Yorked by Rob Hart and Concrete Angel by Patti Abbott are up for best first novel, Hilary Davidson’s “The Siege” is up for best short story, Chris Holm’s The Killing Kind is up for best novel, Joelle Charbonneau’s Need is up for best YA novel, Chris Irvin’s story collection Safe Inside the Violence is nommed for best short story collection, Erin Mitchell’s story from Dark City Lights is up for best short story, and … well, just read the whole list. I’m getting tired!

Congratulations again to everyone. I’m thrilled to be nominated for Protectors 2: Heroes, and to have a story in Cruel Yule. And congrats to Erin for her first published story getting nominated in Dark City Lights! Go read it, there are many great NYC tales in there, including my own, “The Big Snip.”

Whew, now let me go pour a celebratory glass of scotch…

Anthony Award nominee (and winner) Hilary Davidson holding Protectors 2:

hilary - protectors2


6 thoughts on “Pluckery among the Anthony Award nominees 2016

  1. Wishing great things for PROTECTORS 2, Tom. Hope to see you there.


    • Patti, congrats on the nomination! Do happy for you. I remember a while back you were thinking of throwing in the towel… So glad you soldiered on!

    • Thank you for designing an award nominated book… Is this your first Anthony nom as well? I voted for The Crime of Their Lives. I loved that book.

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