I’m over here now… posts abound!

Feast or famine, and all that… several posts and reviews were published about the same time,. harmonic pluckvergence if you will. On the last day of August, here’s what I’ve been up to this summer:

Reviewing HBO’s  The Night Of for Criminal Element. My take on the finale. I enjoyed this show a lot, great characters, solid story, but it gave short shrift to the women it portrayed, especially the victim.

I’m now sharing posting duties at Do Some Damage every other Wednesday, with Holly West. My latest post is about the middle class perspective in crime fiction.

Once again at Criminal Element, my review of James Lee Burke’s latest and one of his best, The Jealous Kind. Which you can buy here.

And I reviewed the Coen Brothers’ screwball Hollywood flick Hail, Caesar! for Crimespree Magazine.