Happy Halloween from Pyewacket!

Kim Novak and Pyewacket, her familiar from Bell, Book, and Candle

One of my favorite Halloween movies is Bell, Book, and Candle. Tonight I’ll be watching The Witch, though. I highly recommend it, if you like disturbing stories. It tells a tale straight from the Salem Witch trials, as if the stories told were truth, and it succeeds with chilling efficacy.

But if you don’t like being scared, here’s a very funny pastiche of Lovecraft and Schultz, by John Aegard, over at Strange Horizons:

The Great Old Pumpkin.

I loved it. And here’s my costume, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. My favorite line isn’t why a raven is like a writing desk, but rather when Alice says, “I don’t think…”

and he quips. Then you shouldn’t talk!

Nasty fellow, that Hatter… lay off the mercury.



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