Veteran’s Day, and some recommended reading

First, it is Veteran’s Day. That’s for the living veterans of all wars. I made a donation to Homes for Our Troops, who build accessible homes for wounded veterans (at no cost to the veteran).

Secondly, some recommended reading for the future. It’s depressing how accurate Sinclair Lewis got it with It Can’t Happen Here, about American fascism. The “Corpos” were the brownshirts, supporting Buzz Windrip (what a name!) a Huey Long-like blowhard businessman who might remind you of somebody else. They were an unofficial militia who hassled and beat up dissenters and the rule of law just didn’t seem to apply to them. Be wary, I can’t imagine the bully-in-chief creating a “Patriot Defense Fund” with other people’s money to keep goons out of jail for attacking his enemies.


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is rightfully a classic. It presents an extreme, and I expect the future to be uglier in some ways and more underhanded in others. The DOJ will likely stop investigating how universities deal with sexual assault. Contraceptive choices for non-affluent women will be limited, as insurance will be no longer required to pay. In the workplace, family planning may be decided by policy. Like Apple offering to pay to freeze your eggs–it’s for your benefit, we’ll pay for the 4-year contraceptive shot, but you have to get one if you want to be hired…


I’ve heard my fellow white men blowing off people’s fears. Of course, we have the least to lose. Friends who survived cancer and suffer with lupus, their health care is in danger, and they don’t even use the ACA (aka Obamacare). They have pre-existing conditions. The “outsider” has already dubbed the CEO of Chase to assist in deregulating banks, hired lifetime politicians like Meese, Gingrich, Guiliani, Christie, for his cabinet, suckers. Real outsiders. On the other hand, the Democrats failed big. It was the economy, stupid, to use their own words. Sure, the GOP Congress blocked every jobs bill, but would’ve been nice to see a plan to retrain workers to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure — to be hired by private companies doing it–and see them vote against that. Maybe we’ll see it yet. McConnell already poo-pooed Trump’s term limit and infrastructure initiatives, so don’t expect much good to come of this. The ACA will be gone soon. If they don’t replace it, and expect another 2009 crash soon, this time caused by medical bankruptcy and subprime auto loans.

Whew. Well, so we don’t all die of despair, here’s a great book I read recently, which lifted my spirits. Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang, by Joyce Carol Oates. Set in the ’50s, it follows a rebel girl gang as they avenge attacks from sleazeballs and their descent into destruction. Yeah, I said it cheered me up. Reading Joyce Carol Oates is like getting lifted by a windstorm of words that takes you someplace entirely new. And Foxfire is one of her best.


I sign all my books this way, and I mean it.

Keep Fighting.

But take a breather between rounds.. The fight never ends.