The Peepland Tour with Christa Faust

A while back the unsinkable Christa Faust was in New York for Comicon, and we went on a tour of Times Square, looking for unDisneyfied corners and found quite a few. The peep shop she worked in is an empty storefront but we visited the last remaining one in the area and even sneaked into the long-gone area where the peep girls once worked. It’s all video now.

So drop by Criminal Element for a tour of old sleazy New York and make sure you pick up Peepland, a great gritty and sentimental visit to ’80s Times Square, by Christa and Gary Phillips, for Hard Case Crime’s new comic imprint. It’s great so far. Issue #1 is out, and #2 streets Nov.30th


and a peek at the villain to come… look familiar?


2 thoughts on “The Peepland Tour with Christa Faust

  1. I tried to comment on Criminal Element but holy shit their captcha is annoying. Anyway, I only wanted to say that I wish I’d been on that tour with you guys. Peepland seems like the next best thing.

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