Happy Thanksgiving, Swiss Krissly Yours from Louis Armstrong…


Louis Armstrong was a devout missionary of Swiss Kriss herbal laxatives, and even sent some to the British royals. He loved a good meal, red beans and rice especially, and would sign letters “Red Beans and Ricely Yours” or “Swiss Krissly Yours.”

The above is a photo of his family at Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to the Louis Armstrong Museum twitter feed, and below is a package of Swiss Kriss and the postcard he would send to adoring fans, extoling the benefits of the product, complete with a photo of him using the toilet after its effects took hold.


For the record, just eat plenty of fiber, and your butt trumpet will remain clean…

I’m gonna listen to the Hot 5’s and 7’s collection before I head out to dinner with the fam.

For a full article on the musical genius and his love of Swiss Kriss, here’s the NPR article that introduced me to the story.


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