A Protectors Bargain and a Plucking Holiday Gift Guide

The answer is always more books. What was the question?

Oh, with the holidays coming, what to buy for your friends and loved ones? Books, of course. They don’t read? Well that’s just wrong. How do you fix it? More books!

For example, you can get nearly 100 stories from authors all over the globe if you buy the two Protectors anthologies. Generally they cost forty bucks plus shipping, but in the giving spirit of the season, you can buy them directly from me for $30 shipped (in the continental US. Email me for elsewhere).

Just click the “Contact” button up there and email me, and we’ll work from there. I can take checks or Paypal, but I’d recommend Paypal if you need the books by the holidays. I will take orders until December 20th.

If you want to buy the books from Amazon instead: Protectors 2: Heroes and Protectors: Stories to Benefit PROTECT are available there. BookPeople and Watchung Booksellers also have copies.

I’m in those anthologies, but not in what’s possibly the best anthology of the year,  In Sunlight or in Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper, edited by Lawrence Block. A beautiful book with 18 paintings and stories to go along with them, by Stephen King, Lee Child, Joyce Carol Oates, Megan Abbott, Warren Moore, Joe Lansdale, Craig Ferguson, and LB himself. I loved this book, couldn’t get enough of it. And next year, LB’s doing another. My story “Truth Comes Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind,” inspired by the painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme, will appear in the sequel Alive in Shape and Color.

Want a Christmas story? My story “Letters to Santa” appears in ThugLit Presents Cruel Yule, edited by Todd Robinson, with stories by him, Hilary Davidson, and many more. The story is only available here, and it’s my take on “be careful what you wish for” … with a visit from the Krampus.

Cruel Yule cover


I wish you all the best of holiday seasons with your friends and family. I’ll be in Louisiana celebrating with the in-laws, and looking for lost Carcosa. If I don’t return, blame the Yellow King…