Unloaded makes Oline Cogdill’s best of 2016

Looking for gifts for the crime lover in you? Reviewer Oline Cogdill published her list of the best of 2016, and among the many fine books is the charity anthology Unloaded: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns, the brainchild of Eric Beetner, from Down & Out Books. Thanks to Hilary Davidson for the head’s-up:


My Denny the Dent story “The Final Encore of Moody Joe Shaw,” is available only here. It also contains stories from Hilary Davidson, Joe Lansdale, Joyce Carol Oates, Reed Farrel Coleman, Alison Gaylin, Kelli Stanley, Tom Pitts, S.W. Lauden, Grant Jerkins, Holly West, Angel Luis Colon, and many more.

The book can be bought from Amazon in paperback or for Kindle, and you can also order it from your local bookstore or Barnes & Noble.

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