Blue collar crime in a white collar suburb: Interview in the Montclair Local

Gwen Orel of the Montclair Local interviewed me about my novel Bad Boy Boogie, which is set partly in Montclair, and the surrounding suburbs. As a teenager, I biked to Montclair for the used bookstore and the punk shop, and I always wanted to live here (and now I do). I grew up two towns over in Nutley, whence Martha Stewart sprang like a decorating demon in a cloud of brimstone and potpourri, that town Futurama loves to tease. We had one bookstore that closed and the town shut down our video arcade because kids from out of town (hint: not white) came to play.

They also announce my reading on April 27th at Watchung Booksellers, with Alex Segura (the Miami-set Pete Fernandez P.I. novels) and Dave White (the Jersey-centric Jackson Donne thrillers). It will be a great time, come and join us.

You can read the full interview here at The Montclair Local. My Jersey really came out in this one. It sounds like Joe Pesci giving a line reading.

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