Life During Wartime available for pre-order at 25% discount

My story collection LIFE DURING WARTIME is now available for pre-order! It will be published on January 29th 2018 by Down & Out Books. It includes “The Big Snip,” which was chosen for the Best Mystery & Crime Stories 2016, new unpublished stories, the best of Denny the Dent, and “The Last Detail,” a Jay Desmarteaux yarn that picks up directly where Bad Boy Boogie leaves off. Some of these have only been experienced at Noir at the Bar.

It is available at the usual suspects in e-book and print format, but if you order directly from Down & Out Books, they have a 25% off Holiday coupon that’s good for every book in the store. So you could buy Bad Boy Boogie and Life During Wartime for 25%, or Unloaded, or any of the great books in their catalog. (For more Jersey crime fiction I’d recommend Cannibals by Jen Conley)

The 25% off coupon code is 25dob2017

If you’d like signed copies of Bad Boy Boogie, I ship free in the USA. Just reach me with the contact form.