Short Story Challenge! what have you read lately?

I didn’t mention any resolutions this year, but one I made to myself was to read more short stories. I subscribed to Down & Out Magazine, Tin House, The Strand, Crimespree, One Story, and McSweeney’s. I’ve always liked what McSweeney’s does with its designs, even if I don’t enjoy all of the stories.

Short stories are enjoyable, little capsule worlds where you can escape for a few minutes or an hour, and I love writing them as well as reading them. Here’s what I’ve read this year, so far:
* means I especially liked it.

Safety Rules, by Jill Block (Alive in Shape and Color, aka AISAC)*
Pierre, Lucien, and Me, by Lee Child (AISAC)
Charlie the Barber, by Joe R. Lansdale (AISAC)*
Bulletin Board Dragon, by Lilly Hunt (One Teen Story)
Lights Out, by Rebecca Williams (Spelk Fiction)
At Night, by Etgar Keret (McSweeney’s 50)
Details, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (McSweeney’s 50)*
Deliver Me, by Sherman Alexie (McSweeney’s 50)*
Nancy, All Too Nancy, by Jonathan Lethem (McSweeney’s 50)
Internal Life, by Corinna Vallianatos (McSweeney’s 50)
The Lace Shirt, by Carrie Brownstein (McSweeney’s 50)
He Only Died, by Raymond Chandler (The Strand)*
Are You Mine and No One Else’s?, Danny Lorberbaum (One Story)
Little Big Horn, by Thomas McGuane (M50)
The Sure Cure, by Diane Williams (M50)
Ten Commandments: How to Spot a Hoax, by Kevin Young (M50)
Random Balloons, by Bud Smith (Maudlin House)*
Pups, by Kate Folk (One Story)*
The Janitor in Space, by Amber Sparks (her collection, The Unfinished World)*

Next Monday I’ll post a new update.

What great short stories have you read recently?