A Taste of Cucuzza!

I know I’ve been crowing about my story in At Home in the Dark, Lawrence Block’s new anthology from Subterranean books, where I share pages with Elaine KaganWallace StrobyEd ParkLaura BenedictJoe LansdaleNoreen AyresJoe HillHilary DavidsonJim FusilliJoyce Carol Oates, and Jill D. Block. If you click their names, you can read an excerpt of their stories at LB’s website. And if you click on My Cucuzza, you can get a taste of mine! Yes, my mystery story of a dapper mob fixer investigating a family pizzeria rivalry turned deadly is called “The Cucuzza Curse,” named after that delicious and priapic squash Italian-Americans grow on every inch of fence in our gardens all summer. Drawing on stories from my days at the docks and from my witchy great-aunts, I hope you’ll enjoy it and pre-order the book. The hardcover is available on Amazon, as is the e-book, and LB will be publishing a paperback soon if that’s your preferred format.

2019-03-11 09_52_07-AT HOME IN THE DARK—Preview #11—Thomas Pluck _ Lawrence Block

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