Fox Child Running

Fox Child Running is my serial short novel on my Patreon page. This one is a pandemic fantasy of our slow apocalypse, of darkness and hope, as young Vix travels across a strange and familiar America after their parents are taken. You can read the first ten chapters for free. That lovely art of Vix and their friends Tod the fox and mags the Magpie is by Kim Parkhurst.

Patrons can read all chapters of the story. We’re up to chapter 17, with a new one every Sunday. It was inspired by the below art piece by Asha Ganpat, which she made into postcards that I’m sending to new patrons who join at the Monthly Missive tier or higher. You get other fun stuff on my patreon, like a Harshly Worded Letter, Fart Haiku postcards, monthly personalized micro-fiction postcards, or even a book from my library.

I’ve finished editing the next Jay Desmarteaux book, The Boy from County Hell, which will be published by Down & Out Books by the end of 2021, but I needed something else to work on, and this story barked out to be told.

Enjoy, if you like…

Masked girl riding a fox across a star-burst

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