Blade of Dishonor

“You want sacrifice, courage, and honor? Truth-based fable? Or maybe you just want hardcore-clean writing delivered at warp speed. Look no further—it’s all here.” –Andrew Vachss, author of Urban Renewal, Aftershock, and the Burke series.

“The Raiders of the Lost Ark of pulp paperbacks… the most unpretentious novel I’ve read in a long time… I hope Pluck realizes that many of these pulp books had a hundred to a series.” –Scott Montgomery, MysteryPeople

Blade of Dishonor
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A centuries-old battle between ninja and samurai over a stolen sword… enter ‘Rage Cage’ Reeves!

Taught to fight by his war hero grandfather, Reeves comes home to find Grandpa Butch embroiled in a centuries-old battle over a treasured Japanese sword. Together they team up with Tara the hot-rodding ambulance driver and a secretive member of a samurai warrior brotherhood to take on a powerful clan of ninja and yakuza bent on sparking a third world war.

From the heroics of the Devil’s Brigade in World War II and the brutal underground fight scene of Tokyo to the American heartland, BLADE OF DISHONOR pits battle-hardened cage fighters against cunning shadow warriors in a thrilling adventure story that’s part Kurosawa and part Tarantino … with a ton of Pluck!

***Read the first three chapters right here!***

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“This book kicked my ass. It kicked about 100 asses, total. Pluck does the near-impossible: He makes fast reading that’s still smart writing. The story sings with its own bloody-knuckle rhythm and pulls few punches. This is true 70’s-era pulp in its finest form. This is Leonard-level work. And I mean old Leonard. 70’s Leonard. God rest his soul.” Jason Stuart, author of Raise a Holler and editor at Burnt Bridge Press

“Blade of Dishonor is one of those books that all the next day after reading it, you go around saying to anyone who will listen: “You gotta read this.” Raw and sexy and bloody and just pure-d entertaining. I’m only sorry it ended—now I’m waiting for the next one.” -Les Edgerton, author of The Rapist, The Bitch, the forthcoming The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping and others.

“The rush his writing supplies is addictive.” –Amber Keller, CRIMINAL ELEMENT

“A love letter to all the great action adventure stories that so many fans hold dear. It’s also a loving tribute to The Greatest Generation, who fought overseas in World War II. Enjoyable as all get out!” —Dan Malmon, Crimespree Magazine

“Dialogue driven, action packed, some amore, and some back and forth history about Butch’s war experiences lend a nice historical touch to this adventurous novel. Blade of Dishonor is a fast-paced ride loaded with great dialogue—a three part dynamo.” – Charlie Stella, author of ROUGH RIDERS

“Thomas Pluck is a hell of a writer, his prose is blade sharp and he writes with the heart of a warrior.” –Josh Stallings, author of ONE MORE BODY

“This is what big-scale blockbuster movies aim for but so seldom achieve … Over-the-top action grounded by real people you truly care about and want to root for.” –Wayne D. Dundee, author of the Joe Hannibal PI series


‘Rage Cage’ Reeves:
Carved to scarred marble by years of training, tortured by his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, Reeves just wants to make it home to his grandfather, but finds his hometown devastated by recession and his family torn apart by a new war they never asked to fight.

Butch Sloane:
A battle-scarred veteran of World War 2, Butch runs a surplus store and pawn shop crammed with military memorabilia, taking no guff and having no truck with the sloppy world he once defended.

Tara Gannon:
An ambulance driver who’s seen too much trauma, she’s getting by in a crumbling factory town when she stumbles into Reeves and joins the fight.

A street samurai warlord of a secretive warrior brotherhood, he seeks a treasure lost in the fog of war to unite his country against the yakuza rotting it from within.

Together they will fight an international menace of shadow warriors, commando assassins, and yakuza thugs born in the gambling halls of feudal Japan who are hellbent on conquering all of Asia! They need but one uniting symbol to accomplish it: the BLADE OF DISHONOR!

From a story idea created with David Cranmer
E-Book Design by Jaye Manus
Cover art by Roxanne Patruznick
Cover and Interior Design by Suzanne Dell’Orto


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