Buried Under Books reviews Bad Boy Boogie

Buried Under Books reviewed my Jay Desmarteaux crime thriller BAD BOY BOOGIE:

“Jay is a complex man and the author truly brings him to life, this ex-con with a hard outer shell that’s slightly penetrated by the life he finds on the outside after 25 years on the inside. There’s a considerable amount of graphic violence, including sexual, here but it’s understandable although this man’s sense of justice is often very different from yours and mine. This is a book that could have resided in the old black & white, hardboiled days just as well as today and I suspect I’ll remember Jay and his story for a long, long time.”

Read the full review at Buried Under Books.

That time I killed Dan Malmon…


Dan and Kate Malmon are two of the best people in the crime fiction community, a superhero duo who write for Crimespree, bike for charity, and make the world on and offline, a better place. So I was thrilled when Kate asked me to kill Dan.

In a story! ha. ha.

See, they’ve put together an anthology where every writer has to kill Dan. Because he’s such a nice guy. Mine’s called “Russian Roulette” and is based on Dan’s grandfather Irving Malmon, who owned a deli back in the day, plus Dan’s favorite sandwich, my memories of living in the Twin Cities, and a funny story that happened to me at the airport involving a ’70s-style mobster jacket and an errant feminine hygiene product…

I’m in good company, with stories by Josh Stallings (I was there when he wrote the funny as hell thing), Hilary Davidson, Holly West, Hector Acosta, Danny Gardner… well, just read the announcement for the full list.

It comes out in October, from Down & Out Books. Here’s a cover tease. All sales benefit the MS Society.



The Protectors Anthology Sale

If you haven’t bought the Anthony finalist for best anthology, Protectors 2: Heroes, have I got a deal for you. I happen to have several of them here taking up space and not making any money for The National Association to Protect Children’s HERO Corps, to which 100% of the proceeds are donated. If you don’t know the HERO Corps, they train wounded veterans to assist law enforcement in hunting online predators. So it’s time to move some books.

It’s got original, exclusive stories by Laird Barron, Graham Wynd, Rios de la Luz, Gary Phillips, Richard Prosch, Hilary Davidson, Joelle Charbonneau, Josh Stallings, Scott Adlerberg, Neliza Drew, and myself, as well as “Silvia Reyes” by P.J. Ward, which was longlisted for the year’s best horror, by Ellen Datlow. You also get stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Joe Lansdale, Reed Farrel Coleman, Harlan Ellison, Wayne Dundee, and Holly West’s “Don’t Fear the Ripper,” which was chosen for inclusion in Otto Penzler’s new Jack the Ripper anthology.

Cover price is $26.95, but I’ll let them go for $19 shipped (media mail, US only) and I’ll sign or inscribe them to your liking.

And I’ll do one better: I also have copies of the 500 page trade paperback of Protectors, the first anthology, with original, exclusive stories by Ken Bruen, Jen Conley, Todd Robinson, Ray Banks, Patti Abbott, Les Edgerton, James Reasoner, Johnny Shaw, Josh Stallings, Dave White, and Charlie Stella, plus hard to find classics by Chet Williamson, George Pelecanos, Roxane Gay, and Bill Cameron. It’s $18.95 cover, but I if you want it and Protectors 2: Heroes, I will sell them for $30 shipped in the US. And of course I’ll sign and inscribe them.

Want them? Just shoot me an email via the Contact Form, I can take Paypal or check. That’s cheaper than Amazon, and the HERO Corps will get a nice boost. And it lasts until they’re gone.

(That’s the deadly Hilary Davidson holding Protectors 2: Heroes, which is hefty enough to use as a murder weapon)

The California Triple Lindy with the Dirty (Half) Dozen

People of California:

Mr Goombah Gumbo is coming to the city of angels and its immediate environs. I love the posters Eric Beetner came up with, though to my enduring shame I often mix this classic up with Kelly’s Heroes, because Donald Sutherland and Ernest Borgnine are in both (I was only thinkin’ positive thoughts about that goddamn bridge!)

Come join us for what’s sure to be a fun time. I’ll have Bad Boy Boogie and Blade of Dishonor on hand, and if you don’t know the crew I’m rolling with, they are great crime writers. From pulp and noir maestros Duane Swierczynski and Eric Beetner, the bad-ass noir poet of L.A. Josh Stallings, to up and comers like the acclaimed Joe Ide, SW Lauden, and Nolan Knight, Gotham writer Jordan Harper, and Stoker-winning author Maria Alexander.


May 20, West Hollywood, CA, 4:00PM: Reading at Book Soup with Josh Stallings, Eric Beetner, S.W. Lauden, Duane Swierczynski, and Nolan Knight. Address: 8818 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood.


May 21, Orange, CA: Reading at Book Carnival with Josh Stallings, Eric Beetner, S.W. Lauden, Duane Swierczynski, and Nolan Knight. Location: 348 S. Tustin Street, Orange.


May 21, Culver City, CA: 6:00PM: Reading at Noir at the Bar L.A. at Mandrake Bar in Culver City, with Joe Ide, Eric Beetner, S.W. Lauden, Duane Swierczynski, Maria Alexander, and Jordan Harper.

Talking crime-fighting duos at Crimespree

I’m over at Crimespree Magazine today, talking about my favorite crime-fighting duos– Spenser and Hawk, Clete and Dave, Elvis and Pike–and why I chose to make Jay Desmarteaux run solo.

If you don’t have a sub to Crimespree, they published the first Denny the Dent story, and they are one of the best crime fiction magazines. Check them out.

Let’s get Nutley… Crime and Goombah Gumbo at TAPinto Nutley

Reporter and Louisiana native Pennie Landry was kind enough to interview me at TAPinto Nutley, a local news site for my hometown, where Bad Boy Boogie takes place. Being a Cajun out of water like Jay Desmarteaux makes her the ideal interrogator!

Hop on over to read about Crime, Nutley, and Goombah Gumbo.

2017-04-28 16_21_07-Author Thomas Pluck talks Crime, Nutley, Goombah Gumbo and his Latest Book 'Bad .png

Interview with Zak Mucha on fictional abusers & and how to defend against real ones

I interviewed Zak Mucha​ about his book Emotional Abuse: A Manual for Self-Defense, and we talked real and fictional sociopaths and abusers at Criminal Element​.

The full interview is here:

A Field Guide to Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists, and Other Abusers: An Interview with Zak Mucha

His book is very useful and helps you spot users, abusers, losers, and your garden variety layin’ sacks o’ shit. A useful book in these times.