Let’s get Nutley… Crime and Goombah Gumbo at TAPinto Nutley

Reporter and Louisiana native Pennie Landry was kind enough to interview me at TAPinto Nutley, a local news site for my hometown, where Bad Boy Boogie takes place. Being a Cajun out of water like Jay Desmarteaux makes her the ideal interrogator!

Hop on over to read about Crime, Nutley, and Goombah Gumbo.

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Get ready to do the Bad Boy Boogie in 2017

I’m thrilled to announce that my first Jay Desmarteaux novel, Bad Boy Boogie, will be published by Down & Out Books in 2017.

For now, a taste:

When Jay Desmarteaux walked out the gates of Rahway Prison, the sun hit his face like air on a fresh wound. The breeze smelled different, charged somehow. He had spent twenty-five years as a monk locked inside a dank Shaolin temple dedicated to violence and human predation, while the men who put him there lived free from fear.

Men who needed killing.

When Jay Desmarteaux walks out of prison after serving 25 years for the murder of a vicious bully, he seeks his family and follows the advice of his convict mentor: the best revenge is living well.

But old friends want him to disappear, and new enemies want him dead. With his wits and fists, Jay unravels a twisted tale of small town secrets and good old New Jersey corruption.

And the AC/DC song that inspired the title:

My story “Gumbo Weather” at Crime Fiction Friday

“The daily sun shower speckled the windshield with diamonds.”

My story “Gumbo Weather” is featured in Crime Fiction Friday at MysteryPeople.

This is the first Jay Desmarteaux story, and I am working on a final round of edits of his first novel. The story first appeared in Needle: A Magazine of Noir, and is also available in Steel Heart: Ten Tales of Crime & Suspense, along with another Jay story, “Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe.”

Steel Heart: 10 Tales of Crime and Suspense  is available at the following e-book retailers: Kobo, through Watchung Booksellers or BookPeople; Amazon for Kindle; Barnes & Noble for Nook; Smashwords, in many formats, including to read online, and Apple iPad.

Feeding Kate and Gator Bait!

I dropped by Sabrina Ogden’s blog to talk about my inspiration for Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe, my story for the charity collection FEEDING KATE. All funds from the anthology were meant to pay for jaw surgery for our dear friend Sabrina, complications of Lupus (see, House? Sometimes it IS Lupus, ya mook). The indiegogo campaign was a success, and now the book is available on Amazon, with the proceeds going to benefit The Lupus Foundation. So please, drop by her blog for some chat of burgers, samurai, and my wild Jay Desmarteaux yarn, inspired by Mad Max and my last trip through the Utah desert.

And as usual, a bunch of things I’ve written are all available at once. So I also ask that if you want to hear about some backwoods Cajun revenge, you check out my review of ‘GATOR BAIT for Criminal Element’s Crimes Against Film series. If a Playboy playmate in a motorboat with a twelve gauge gunning for revenge sounds up your alley, laissez les bon temps roulez! (Let the good times roll, for y’all who ain’t from the bayou, like me and John Fogerty… who also aren’t).


Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe

Just got some great news- the anthology written to fund jaw surgery for my dear friend Sabrina Ogden, Feeding Kate– is now available on Kindle, and the proceeds will benefit the Lupus foundation.


If you didn’t jump on the Indiegogo campaign, the book is now available on Amazon for $5.99 in e-book form. It includes my story “Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe,” a Jay Desmarteaux yarn. If you enjoyed Jay’s exploits in “Gumbo Weather” in the latest issue of Needle, or his brawl in Hills of Fire: Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachia (which is nominated for best fiction anthology by the Appalachian Writers Association) you will want to read Jay’s biggest, baddest story yet:
Jay is “just getting by” running contraband in a pristine ’57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham when he crosses paths with a criminal biker gang, a murderous truck driver, and the mysterious Kate. Jay is forced to take sides when all three converge for an explosive battle in the Utah desert.

This story is a favorite of mine, and if you’re wondering what Jay’s novel is like, this is the best taste you’ll get. It’s all for a great cause and includes fiction by this amazing roster of authors:

  • Ellie Anderson
  • Laura Benedict
  • Stephen Blackmoore
  • Joelle Charbonneau
  • Laura K. Curtis
  • Hilary Davidson
  • Neliza Drew
  • Chad Eagleton
  • Jenny Gardiner
  • Daryl Wood Gerber
  • Kent Gowran
  • Chris F. Holm
  • Dan O’Shea
  • Ron Earl Phillips
  • Thomas Pluck
  • Chad Rohrbacher
  • Linda Rodriguez
  • Johnny Shaw
  • Josh Stallings
  • Clare Toohey
  • Steve Weddle
  • Chuck Wendig
  • Holly West

Feeding Kate

Hills of Fire: Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachia

I’m very proud to open Hills of Fire: Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachia with my story “Rockridge Ringer,” where Jay Desmarteaux finds his old cellmate fighting for a crooked sheriff in a mountain town… and busts things up the only way he knows how, with his two quick fists. You won’t want to miss this one.

I was a big fan of the Dukes of Hazzard as a kid, and since then “Justified” and the Appalachian tales of Manly Wade Wellman and many others have intrigued me. I visited West Virginia a few years ago on a road trip- we stopped at Hillbilly Hotdogs and the Mothman Museum, and found folks as friendly as you could want- and I felt a kinship with the state, because like New Jersey, it is sometimes the recipient of jokes from those who’ve never stepped foot there. It’s a beautiful state and I’m proud to be in a collection by Woodland Press, a regional publisher that showcases writers from it.

Now I don’t know if editor Frank Larnerd showed the cover artist my story, but it sure looks like he read it. And while my image of Jay Desmarteaux was a Fred Willard in “Remo Williams” with a nod to author James Lee Burke, I am hard pressed not to see him as the brawler on this cover. And that don’t bother me one bit. I hope you’ll pick this book up, it has stories by Steve Rasnic Tem and a fantastic bootlegger adventure by Amber Keller as well.

Rip-roaring through the holler

Jay Desmarteaux’s debut in “The Rockridge Ringer” … a bareknuckle fighter forced into combat by a crooked sheriff. The cover evokes the classic pulps and men’s adventure paperbacks. I love it. I’ve had a peek at Amber Keller’s tale of running moonshine too, and I know you’ll love this collection of red-blooded tales rip-roaring through the hollers.

Frank Larnerd did a great job putting this one together. He nudged me to contribute, and I think this story really helped me envision the character and mood I want to set with the Desmarteaux novels.