A collection of essays, articles, and interviews.

My newsletter, Goombah Gumbo, has many interviews, reviews, and travel essays. Have a taste and subscribe.
I wrote a lot about writing and crime fiction at Do Some Damage over the years.
All my reviews and crime-related articles at Criminal Element.

“The Beast In Me,” an essay on making friends and personae online, in Better Than IRL: True Stories of Finding Your People on the Untamed Internet , edited by Katie West and Jasmine Elliott, from Fiction & Feeling.
My Visit to a Haunted Masonic Temple for Sybaritic Delights, at Medium.
My Interview with Joyce Carol Oates at CrimeReads
Interview with Adrian McKinty
My Favorite Bookstore: Watchung Booksellers
The Peepland Times Square Tour with Christa Faust
The Dirty, Criminal Past of Grand Central Terminal
Who Benefits From Doing Nothing? Sweetheart Deals for Sex Offenders
Suing to Protect Rape Culture in Montana
Topless Activism: The Outdoor Topless Co-Ed Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society
Louisiana State Penitentiary: Insiders Call It Angola or The Farm, for Criminal Element
Confronting the Devil on Your Shoulder
The Little Gold Colt
Directing Dynamos: Michael Mann vs. William Friedkin, for Criminal Element
Visiting the death site: Adios, Bonnie & Clyde

Movie, Book, and TV Reviews:

Hell or High Water (2016)
The Jealous Kind by James Lee Burke
Tangerine (2015)
‘Gator Bait
Fast and the Furious 6
True Detective, Season One, at Criminal Element
Reconsidering Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye
The Sentinel (1977): You Had Me at Gateway to Hell

“Belly Up to the Bar” interviews:
Patti Abbott
Frank Bill
Stephen Blackmoore
Lawrence Block
Joelle Charbonneau
Reed Farrel Coleman
Wayne D. Dundee
Chad Eagleton
Jason Karlawish
M.H. Mead
Jenny Milchman
Zak Mucha
Andrew Nette
Dan O’Shea
Josh Stallings
Katherine Tomlinson

Interviews for The Big Thrill:

Rick Mofina
Reed Farrel Coleman
Joelle Charbonneau
Susanna Calkins
W. Soliman
Jenny Milchman
Amy Lignor

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