Get Plucked

Get Plucked w_ Beard

How’d you like to Get Plucked?

My newest story collection includes a tribute to Elmore Leonard, where a computer nerd and an Island barmaid race against the mob; a shifty construction foreman encounters zombies and sex dungeons in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; visitors review the Overlook hotel from THE SHINING; a psychotic virus hunter plans to unleash apocalypse during the panic of 2012; a kid who hides in the woods to scare urban legend hunters gets a surprise of his own, and eight more twisted, dark and funny tales.

It is available for:

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

Kobo E-readers through Watchung Booksellers, and BookPeople

Apple iBooks


Page Foundry


No Kindle required: Get the free Kindle online reading app here.

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