Noir at the Bar NYC

noir bar banner** Next event: July 10th 2016  **

One Sunday a month, a group of 8-12 crime fiction writers take over Shade, a cool bar in the Village, for an evening of entertainment. Regulars include S.J. Rozan, Reed Farrel Coleman, Hilary Davidson, Josh Bazell, Dave White, and Todd himself. If you want to be notified of future events, JOIN THE MAILING LIST.

You can also ‘like’ the Facebook page. The latest event will be posted there.

Events always start at 6:00PM. Shade is located at 241 Sullivan Street, Manhattan, on the corner of West 3rd, conveniently located to the West 4th subway stop blue trains, and a short walk from the 9th Street PATH station. There are also parking decks in the vicinity.

There are many Noir at the Bar events all over the country:

Alex Segura hosts Noir at the Bar Queens at The Beast Next Door. Eric Beetner hosts Noir at the Bar L.A. Jen Conley hosts one in New Jersey- it’s been at The Saint in Asbury Park and the next one is at Tumulty’s in New Brunswick.

Noir at the Bar originated in Philly in 2008, started by Peter Rozovsky. Then Scott Phillips, author of THE ICE HARVEST, and Jedediah Ayres, author of PECKERWOOD, started regular readings in St. Louis. From there it’s spread like a virus.
There are now events even the following cities:

Durham, NC
Los Angeles
San Diego
New Orleans
St. Louis
Glasgow, Scotland
(Click the city to visit the Facebook page/website of each one, if one exists).

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