Our Lady of Vengeance: 13 Dishes Served Cold

Vengeance New

Some say “the best revenge is living well.” Not the people in these stories! 13 crime, action, and noir tales of ice cold retribution and burning two-fisted fury.

Includes a Jay Desmarteaux tale that was only available in Hills of Fire: Bare-Knuckle Yarns of Appalachia, a story from the final issue of HARDBOILED, and more: Ramapough Ringer, The Uncleared, Two to Tango, Van Candy, Faggot, Lefty, Shogun Honey, Play Dead, We’re All Guys Here, From the Heart, Firecracker, and The Long Walk Home. A trip into the cool cruel world of criminals, ronin, veterans, bluesmen, bullies, hot-rodders, and the wronged screaming for vengeance.

Available for:

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Page Foundry / Inktera


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