“Wow. THE BOY FROM COUNTY HELL by Thomas Pluck is as wild as a night in a cage with an amorous monkey. So smart and tense and relentless. Pluck decides on his premise, and stays true to it until the rowdy end, but the real star here is his control of style, both hardboiled and poetic at the same time. Impressed.”—Joe R. Lansdale, author of the Hap and Leonard novels

THE BOY FROM COUNTY HELL is a harrowing and at times deeply philosophical journey through the heart of rage. Thomas Pluck is our trustworthy tour guide through that undiscovered country. With deft prose and an eye towards redemption and revelation Pluck accomplishes an amazing feat. We find ourselves feeling sympathy for the boy from county Hell.”—SA. Cosby, NYT’s Best selling author of RAZORBLADE TEARS

“Thomas Pluck’s The Boy From County Hell is raucous and rollicking, just like The Pogues song it adapts its name from. There are echoes of James Lee Burke, Barry Gifford, and Joe R. Lansdale, but Pluck’s book burns hot and bright with its own indomitable punk spirit. Joyous, wild, dark fun.” -William Boyle, author of City of Margins, A Friend Is a Gift You Give Yourself, The Lonely Witness, and Gravesend

“Gripping, fast-paced, and stacked with deranged villains and brutal heroes, The Boy From Country Hell is not to be missed. Jay Desmarteaux is back, this time in the bayou with a mission to locate his parents and halt his family’s line of generational damage and horrific ills. Pluck’s new novel will break your heart at times, and make you root loudly for the flawed good guys. A wild ride of cool cars, guns, tough-ass southern women, and so many gators, The Boy From Country Hell is an action-packed, hell-raising trip that kicks you in the gut while warming your heart.”—Jen Conley, author of Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry
Blistering, violent, and written with Technicolor flourishes that are Pluck’s unmistakable signature. The Boy from County Hell is a hell of a book.” Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase
Pluck has crafted a hard-charging thriller that stomps the pedal from page one and never lets up. Crackling with exciting characters and language that pops off the page, THE BOY FROM COUNTY HELL is a mad tale of rage, retribution, and no small helping of heart and soul. I loved it.—Bill Loehfelm, author of the Maureen Coughlin series

“Stunning” –Library Journal on “Truth Comes Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind”

“Mohawk skywalkers, elite Wall Street brokers, veterinary workers, MMA fighters, cruel middle schoolers, and single mothers from Harlem, among many other types and anti-types. Amazingly, the dialogue, settings, and situations all ring true. ” —Out of the Gutter Online reviews Life During Wartime

“Bad Boy Boogie is a punch to the heart. Picture James Lee Burke slammed into old-school Dennis Lehane and filtered through Bruce Springsteen, yet having a voice all its own. Now we wait to see what Thomas Pluck does next.” —Scott Montgomery, MysteryPeople

“[Bad Boy Boogie is] one awesomely entertaining summer read… an electrifying piece of stylish and tough as tough can be, cutting edge noir.” —John Dwaine McKenna, Mysterious Book Report

“Reacher fans can find plenty to root for in this brawler with a strong sense of justice.” —Neliza Drew, Criminal Element

“A lovely kitty man.”—Joyce Carol Oates

“Stunning” – Liz French of Library Journal on “Truth Comes Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind,” my story in Alive in Shape and Color:

Yet two of the best stories, Joe R. Lansdale’s deceptively folksy “Charlie the Barber,” and Thomas Pluck’s stunning “Truth Comes Out of Her Well To Shame Mankind,” barely mention their chosen artworks.

“Thomas Pluck has with this novel launched himself into the rare category of … must-read novels … must re-read … must tell all and sundry about. It is that fine, that compelling. Made me relive all that a wonder novel yields. Just tremendous.”
Ken Bruen, author of the Shamus and Macavity Award-winning Jack Taylor mysteries

“Thomas Pluck’s BAD BOY BOOGIE is a vivid dose of New Jersey noir with heart, soul and muscle.”
—Wallace Stroby, author of the Crissa Stone series

“Thomas Pluck is a crime writer to watch. Steeped in the genre’s grand tradition but with heart and bravado all his own, his writing is lean, smart and irresistibly compelling.”
Megan Abbott, author of You Will Know Me and Queenpin

“Tough, tight, and taut, BAD BOY BOOGIE is a standout. Thomas Pluck is a writer who knows his dark territory inside and out. A damn fine read from start to finish.” –Hilary Davidson, author of Blood Always Tells

“My first Thomas Pluck novel won’t be my last. Bad Boy Boogie is a superb, taut, little thriller that hits all the right notes and sustains its central conceits to the very last page.”
– Adrian McKinty, author of the Sean Duffy crime novels

“Jay Desmarteaux is a worthy addition to the list of crime fiction protagonists. He’s Louisiana heart mixed with pure New Jersey grit. Thomas Pluck’s prose is taut, muscular, and pulls the reader through the book’s violent bursts at a light speed clip. Look out for this one.”
—Dave White, Shamus Award Nominated writer of the Jackson Donne series

“Beautiful Bad-assery. Full of lyrical longing for a youth unfulfilled and the brutal truth of an adulthood gone dangerously wrong. Brilliant. Thomas Pluck may well be the bastard love child of James Lee Burke and Richard Stark.”
—Josh Stallings, author of Anthony and Lefty Award nominated Young Americans, and the Mo McGuire series

“Thomas Pluck’s writing is high performance. He doesn’t waste a sentence, a word, or an idea propelling his story forward in a way that drives like he’s behind the wheel of a precision car built by Eddie Bunker and tricked out by Andrew Vachss. Pluck juxtaposes Jay Desmarteaux’s past and present in a way that gives this tough guy protagonist the kind of real flesh and bone—and most of all heart and intention—that other writers can only aspire to. I’ve been a fan of his writing for a long time, but BAD BOY BOOGIE is the kind of explosive book that makes life long fans. I guarantee I won’t ever miss a thing Thomas Pluck puts out, and neither should you!”—Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded and Mountain Home

“There’s a reason so many brilliant writers cut their teeth on the pulps, and [Blade of Dishonor] both honors that tradition and expands it. You want interwoven plots running parallel between WWII and Right Now? You want violence mixed with romance? You want sacrifice, courage, and honor? Truth-based fable? Or maybe you just want hardcore-clean writing delivered at warp speed. Look no further—it’s all here.”—Andrew Vachss, author of the Cross series, the Aftershock trilogy, and the Burke series.

“Blade of Dishonor is one of those books that all the next day after reading it, you go around saying to anyone who will listen: “You gotta read this.” Raw and sexy and bloody and just pure-d entertaining. I’m only sorry it ended—now I’m waiting for the next one.” -Les Edgerton, author of The Rapist, The Bitch, the forthcoming The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping and others.

“Pluck does the near-impossible: He makes fast reading that’s still smart writing.” Jason Stuart, author of Raise a Holler and editor at Burnt Bridge Press

“The Raiders of the Lost Ark of pulp paperbacks… the most unpretentious novel I’ve read in a long time… I hope Pluck realizes that many of these pulp books had a hundred to a series.” -Scott Montgomery, MysteryPeople

“The rush his writing supplies is addictive.” –Amber Keller, writing for CRIMINAL ELEMENT

“[Blade of Dishonor is] A love letter to all the great action adventure stories that so many fans hold dear. It’s also a loving tribute to The Greatest Generation, who fought overseas in World War II. Enjoyable as all get out!” –Dan Malmon, Crimespree Magazine

“The Michelangelo of flash fiction.” Nigel Bird, author of SMOKE and MR. SUIT.

“I fell in love with Denny, scars and all…” –Tyson, in The Pankhearst Review of Steel Heart: 10 Tales of Crime and Suspense.

“I love the dialogue in a Pluck story. He’s a new pulp master.” –David Cranmer, editor of Beat to a Pulp

“He writes those quick, hard-hitting bombs as well or better than anybody on the scene today. Keep ’em coming.” Wayne Dundee, author of the Joe Hannibal P.I. series and creator of Hardboiled Magazine

“If you don’t know who Thomas Pluck is, you will soon enough. His short fiction is all over the internet and he combines jabs of clever humor with full-impact gut shots.” Johnny Shaw, author of DOVE SEASON and BIG MARIA

“‘Black-Eyed Susan’ by Thomas Pluck is short and mean and well-written. I don’t think I’ve read anything by this author before, but I’ll be on the lookout for his name now.”James Reasoner, author of The Civil War Series, at his website.

“Thomas Pluck is a hell of a writer, his prose is blade sharp and he writes with the heart of a warrior.” Josh Stallings, author of OUT THERE BAD

“His story ‘The Forest for the Trees’ is one of the best I’ve read all year.” –Fiona Johnson, author of KICK IT, at Nigel Bird’s Sea Minor

“A fantastic piece here from Mr. Pluck over a A Twist of Noir. He has stated this is the intro to a novel. Check it out, and then demand he finish it.”–R. Thomas Brown, short story editor at Spinetingler Magazine

“Pluck’s ‘Free Bird’ is a beautifully constructed story about the strength it takes not to act; may bring a tear to your eye.” – Eva Dolan, reviewing OFF THE RECORD

“If Thomas Pluck weren’t an excellent writer, he would make an excellent superhero, swooping out of the dark night to protect the innocent and punish the wicked. His stories are fierce and often angry and always intelligent.” –Katherine Tomlinson at Short Story 365.