Meet the Blade Brigade: Ben LeRoy

This week I introduce you to some of the friends who helped with Blade of Dishonor. Ben LeRoy, the force being Tyrus Books, didn’t help with the book directly, but he has been an inspiration in the publishing community since we met at Bouchercon in 2011. He is constantly driven to do whatever he can to improve the world, whether that is publishing new and striking voices, giving books and music away every week, or donating to whoever needs help most. And when a new writer is often told that publishing is a monolithic cabal granting entry only to a select few, he cuts through the BS with a weekly Q&A at Hey, There’s a Dead Guy in the Room. Check out the Tyrus website for a varied selection of excellent reads, from poet laureate of noir Reed Farrel Coleman’s Moe Prager novels, to Angela Choi’s Hello Kitty Must Die, Peter Brown Hoffmeyer’s Graphic the Valley, and Steve Weddle’s “dazzling” (NY Times Book Review) novel-in-stories, Country Hardball. Follow @tyrusbooks on Twitter if a positive force publishing great new fiction is up your alley.

ben leroy


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