Meet the Blade Brigade: Roxanne Patruznick

roxanne patruznick

Meet Roxanne Patruznick, the artist who painted the cover of Blade of Dishonor! I discovered Roxanne’s fantastic art through the knockout covers she did for Blood & Tacos, the magazine homage to the men’s adventure novels of the ’70s and ’80s by Johnny Shaw. She is a marvel at realistic figures and choosing the perfect model. You can see more of her art on her website, Art by Roxanne Patruznick. If you want to rock one of these t-shirts  you can get them here (along with signed copies of the paperback).
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And here is a sample of her great talent, from her noir pinup series:

legsprint roxanne patruznick

Blood & Tacos!

Blood and Tacos Cover


Blood & Tacos: The Beginning is now available! The print-only omnibus that collects the hard-fisted, pistol-packing fiction stories from the first four issues of Blood & Tacos, including BROWN SUGAR BROOKDALE #17: TITTY TITTY BANG BANG by Jerrold Olden Earnest, which I discovered in a hidden dojo beneath the Baxter Terrace projects in Newark.

Brown Sugar is a Vietnam Vet who learned the mystic arts of Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple after fragging his lieutenant before he could napalm an innocent village. Now he’s back in the States, ready to break his foot off in the ass of the Man!

A loving homage to Enter the Dragon, Kill and Kill Again, Black Samurai, Cleopatra Jones, and the films of Fred Williamson, “Brown Sugar Brookdale” is just one of many stories from the thrilling to the hilarious, in this collection. For the record, I can’t even say L.A.N.D.B.O.A.T.: The Boat That Goes On Land without laughing, and Chingón: The World’s Deadliest Mexican always brings down the house when Johnny reads it at signings. If you like Machete, you must meet The Explosionist, Father Dukes, the Irish street priest, and Sunshine: Stripper Assassin by Josh Stallings.

Johnny Shaw has limited signed copies available. Writing for Blood & Tacos is always a blast, and this collection is about to go supernova in the spiral arm of your brain galaxy. Get some.



at last: Brown Sugar Brookdale!

I’ve been crowing about this one for a while, and I apologize, but…  “Brown Sugar” Brookdale is finally here for your reading pleasure, in Blood & Tacos #4! Thank you for your patience.

A homage to Billy Jack, Black Samurai and Black Belt Jones, this wild pulp adventure follows Brown Sugar, a Vietnam Vet back on American soil, in his battle against a mad cult leader in a “sundown town” in the Midwest.
blood and tacos 4
In issue #4 Sugar joins Father Dukes, Apache Blood, The Sanitizer, and L.A.N.D.B.O.A.T. (The Boat That Goes On Land), a title I can’t even say without laughing. These are loving, respectful homages mind you. You’ll get action aplenty, and lots of heart. You can read the stories for free at Blood & Tacos, and it will be available on Kindle for 99 cents shortly.

Stories are by TV writer Oren Brimer (Mr. Landboat), Bart Lessard, Brad Mengel, and Nick Slosser. The cover art is yet another stunning oil painting by Roxanne Patruznick. If I ever commission a book cover I’ll be giving her a call. Check out the other covers she did. #1 is a real work of art. The back issues are available on Kindle and online, and are worth going through. Chingon: The World’s Deadliest Mexican by Johnny Shaw (editor in chief) is one of the funniest stories I’ve ever read, and when Danny Trejo is done with MACHETE perhaps he’ll give Chingon a whirl.

Issue #3 on Amazon

Issue #2 on Amazon

Issue #1 on Amazon

Brown Sugar Brookdale in Blood & Tacos

NOT in this issue. But go read it anyway.

I’m proud to announce that my ’70s men’s adventure pastiche, “‘Brown Sugar’ Brookdale #17: Titty Titty Bang Bang,” written as Jerrold Chester Earnest, will appear in issue #4 of Blood & Tacos, due out this April.

This one was a labor of love. Inspired by the fine cinema of Shaft, Cleopatra Jones, Billy Jack, and Walking Tall, “Brown Sugar” Brookdale is a black Vietnam Vet who went AWOL when his commanding officer tried to commit another My Lai. He fought through the jungle to the Chinese border, and learned the ways of kung fu at the Shaolin Temple. Now he’s on his home ground, breaking his foot off in the ass of The Man!

I’ve admired what Johnny Shaw and crew have done with Blood & Tacos from issue one, and I’m proud to be part of their upcoming issue. I hope you’ll check out their previous issues at – all three issues are available for 99 cents each on Kindle:

Blood & Tacos #1

Blood & Tacos #2

Blood & Tacos #3

Oh, and where’d the name “Brown Sugar Brookdale” come from? It’s the name of my first pet- a ginger tabby who liked to drop mice on the kitchen floor- and the street I grew up on, Brookdale Avenue in Nutley. So yeah, that’s my porn star name.

Aw yeah.

Blood and Tacos!

Johnny Shaw, author of the hilarious and heartfelt fiasco DOVE SEASON, has put together a new quarterly homage to the men’s magazines and pulp novels of the ’70s. Think Remo Williams, the Destroyer. I review an awful ripoff called RAKER, and there is fiction by Matthew Funk, Cameron Ashley, Gary Phillips and Johnny himself.

Blood & Tacos #1 is a buck for Kindle, and I guarantee you will be entertained. Look at that incredible cover by Roxane Patruznick. This one will be a load of retro fun. © 2012 Thomas Pluck I post on Twitter as TommySalami ~ My Facebook Page