Restaurant Week: Blue Smoke BBQ

Restaurant week in NYC is a great pastime. 3-course dinners for $35 per, and 3-course lunches for $24 per. Hard to beat. I’d wanted to try Blue Smoke for a while and compare them with Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, having heard good things from my co-worker, Loudest Woman Alive. I opted for the restaurant week prix-fixe menu and Firecracker had the Rhapsody in ‘Cue platter and some “shrimp corn dog” appetizers that came with a fresh avocado-dill sauce. Very tasty. I got grilled baby octopus salad for my appy, and was quite pleased. The little buggers were very tasty, fresh and not overcooked, with a nice light dressing and some grilled eggplant as well.
I couldn’t get ‘cracker to taste it. Little baby octopi are a hard sell. My entree was braised beef short ribs with succotash, and it was quite excellent. Very meaty, I was surprised that I didn’t get any bone. How’s that a rib? There was plenty of connective tissue slow-cooked to gelatinous yummy goodness, making it very tender and tasty. It had a light glaze but the meat spoke for itself. The succotash of corn and butter beans was excellent as well. The ‘Cue platter came with barbecued chicken, pulled pork, Kansas City style ribs, and smoked sausage. The sausage was great, and tastier than Dino’s; the ribs were excellent, tender and tasty and not overpowered in sauce. This style was better than the last rack I had uptown as well. But the pulled pork was shredded so thin it seemed like shaved or chip beef, and didn’t pack much flavor. I was disappointed. Dino’s pulled pork is much, much better. The chicken was good and smoky, and an oft-overlooked BBQ staple. Very tasty.

We didn’t get any sides but they have quite a selection. I’d definitely come here for ribs again, and to try more of their appetizers. The ‘cue platter is $24, not bad for NYC. The dessert I had was Key Lime Pie, my favorite. Their version was almost like iced cream, with a flavorful buttery crust. I prefer a chiffon but this was perfect for a hot humid summer day! This is a great spot for Restaurant Week. It has my seal of approval. Their beer selection is quite good as well. I had a Smuttynose IPA on tap and Sierra Summerfest; Firecracker had their house ale (not bad) and Blue Point Toasted Lager, a fine NY staple. They have a lot more in bottles, too. If you can’t make it uptown, and prefer ribs over pulled pork, Blue Smoke is worth your while.