Bouchercon 2017: Elsinore Brewery Edition

I look forward to invading Canadia for the fourth time in my life this week. Sadly I will not be reenacting the greatest film of all time, Strange Brew. But I will try!

October 11-15th, Toronto: Bouchercon. I am booked and eager to visit Toronto again. I’m moderating a panel on Friday at 8:30am, Beautiful Brutality? The panel consists of Chris Holm, Joe Clifford, E. C. Diskin, Amy Stuart, and Sara Jayne Townsend.

On Wednesday I’ll be reading at the Bouchercon Noir at the Bar hosted by Rob Brunet and Tanis Mallow, 9:00PM at Rivoli, 332 Queen Street West, Toronto: 21762633_879082205601399_491421483206650408_o

And that’s it. I’ll have copies of Bad Boy Boogie in the book room at Sleuth of Baker Street’s table, and I’ll be carrying copies of it and Blade of Dishonor around with me if you want a signed one. And I’ll be at the bar and the lobby and various panels, when Sarah and I aren’t exploring museums and breweries and the delicious poutine mines.

Hope to see you there, eh?

If you got any Elsinore beer, bring it along.


Writing at the End of the World, and Where I’ll Be…

Over at SleuthSayers, I write about how we write in an age of chaos and fear. Dance Band on the Titanic, at SleuthSayers.

Had a good time at Brooklyn Book Festival, and I can’t wait for the next one. There’s just a great atmosphere there, hipsters and haredim and old-school Brooklyn weirdos all mashed together in a sea of books! I met Jonathan Lethem, author of Motherless Brooklyn. We first corresponded in 1994 when I reviewed his noir/SF dystopia Gun, With Occasional Music on the nascent internet, and he sent me a broadsheet from Moe’s Books with a short-short story called “Hardboiled Coda” in thanks. I still keep it on my desk. But if you missed me there, here’s where I’ll be in October and November:

On October 7th at 7pm, it’s Noir at the Bar DC at the Wonderland Ballroom. Host Ed Aymar is running the show and giving away a SWORD to the audience favorite, so I’m gonna bring my A-game (A stands for “ass.” So I’ll be using my whole ass instead of half-assing it). There can be only one! What a great lineup, and a terrifying, Hieronymous Bosch inspired poster for the event.

The week after that I’ll be in Toronto for Bouchercon, from Wednesday 10/11 until Sunday. On Wednes, I’ll be reading at Noir at the Bar Bouchercon at 9pm. It’s at pin
Rivoli, 332 Queen Street West, and a bunch of great writers will be kicking off the International crime fiction convention. On Friday I’m moderating the panel Beautiful Brutality, with Chris Holm, Bryon Quertermous, E. C. Diskin, Amy Stuart, and Sara Jayne Townsend. Other than that I’ll be free to schmooze and booze with y’all! And Firecracker’s coming with me, to bring the Southern sass.

Closer to home, I’ll be reading at Noir at the Bar Asbury Park on Sunday 10/29 at 6:00PM at Capitolines bar, with Jen Conley and many others, including Dennis Tafoya and Wallace Stroby! Jersey can bring the crime…

and lastly I’ll be at Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee on November 4th. I’m honored to be one of the invited guests, and look forward to chumming it up with the mighty Jordans and the crime fiction fans of the north, eating squeaky cheese curds, wrestling a hodag, and so on.

My Bouchercon 2016 schedule

Are you going to Bouchercon in New Orleans this year? I sure am. It’ll be my sixth, and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Run by fans for the fans, they are well run and everyone is friendly. I’ll be at panels, signings, events, and at the bar of course. Firecracker is coming as well, and as a Louisiana native, will be keeping us away from the tourist traps. It’s kind of a big con for me, and my Jay Desmarteaux novel, Bad Boy Boogie, isn’t even out yet!

But you can get a shot of JD in the Bouchercon 2016 anthology edited by Greg Herren, Blood on the Bayou. I’m in there along with David Morrell and many others. We’ll be signing the print copies at the con on Saturday at 2pm. You can also pre-order the paperback directly from Down & Out here There are two options: Pick up at Bouchercon (no shipping charge) and Ship to Buyer ($4.95 shipping charge). The ebook versions of the book are  available for pre-order on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo at a special discounted price.

On Friday, I will be at two panels: moderating the 11:00am Leather & Lace: Hardboiled vs. Cozy panel, with Clea Simon, David Putnam, Linda Rodriguez, Chris Knopf, and Linda Joffe Hull. Yes, the Clea Simon who said talking cats are an abomination. The fur’s gonna fly! Meet us at LaGalleries 1. It’ll be great fun.


I’ll be back at Friday 3:30pm in LaGalleries 1 for The Boxer, the Writing Violence panel, moderated by Zoe Sharp. Me and Sheila Redling, Melinda Leigh, E.A. Aymar, and Taylor Stevens will be talking ’bout Shaft, writing fighting, using your opponent’s intestines as a garrotte, and other fun subjects.

The Anthony Awards are held Friday night this year at the Orpheum theater, and y’all will enjoy the second line they’re having from the hotel to it. Just roll with it and have fun. Protectors 2: Heroes is up for best anthology, and Holly West’s story “Don’t Fear the Ripper” from it is up for best story. One of the other anthology contenders is ThugLit Presents Cruel Yule: A Holiday Anthology, in which my story “Letters to Santa” appears.  Vote with your conscience. And if you don’t have one, vote for us!

Protectors 2 Cover

If you arrive early, I’ll be reading at the Noir at the “Bar” panel at 4:30pm on Wednesday, hosted by Eric Beetner in LaGalleries 4&5, and definitely attending the “After Dark” reading at the Voodoo Lounge.


I will be signing books after all these events. There will be copies of Blade of Dishonor on the giveaway tables, and copies of it and the Protectors anthologies at the Scene of the Crime Books table in the dealer’s room. I will donate all my book sales of Blade of Dishonor to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for Flood relief to help Louisianans like my in-laws who were hit hard by the region’s catastrophic flooding last month.

It will be difficult to stay in the hotel when the French Quarter beckons. At least one trip to World of Beers will be had, maybe to Barcadia as well. There’s so much more to do and see there. I usually make a pilgrimage to Octavia Books and Faulkner House, grab dinner and brews at St. Lawrence on Decatur, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a Muffuletta, maybe Central Grocery. I usually skip Bourbon Street except for Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, an old dive with a piano and character. Skip the tourist traps and head to Frenchman Street for live music. And if you want to hang out, you can always tweet me @thomaspluck.


Protectors 2 and the 2016 Bouchercon Anthony Award nominations

The good folks who run Bouchercon have announced the 2016 Anthony Award nominees, and I’m thrilled beyond belief that Protectors 2: Heroes is not only nominated for an Anthony Award for best anthology, but that Holly West’s story “Don’t Fear the Ripper” from it has been nominated for best short story. Her story has also been chosen to appear in a Ripper anthology from Mysterious Press. Thank you so much Holly, for writing that story and letting me publish it in the anthology.

Protectors 2 Cover

One of the other anthology contenders is ThugLit Presents Cruel Yule: A Holiday Anthology, in which my story “Letters to Santa” appears. Johnny Shaw’s Chingon tale “Feliz Navidead” is in there, and also nominated for best short story. As is Erin Mitchell’s “Old Hands,” from Dark City Lights: New York Stories (ed. by Lawrence Block), in which my story “The Big Snip” appears. Snip wasn’t chosen for an Anthony, but it was picked for The Year’s Best Crime & Mystery Stories 2016, edited by Kristine K. Rusch, so I’m pretty thrilled about that, too.

The Anthonys are a fan award and they mean a lot. It’s an honor to be nominated, along with so many champions of the genre and also good friends, like Josh Stallings’s Young Americans, my favorite heist novel of recent vintage, Joelle Charbonneau’s Need, Rob Hart’s New Yorked, Hank Phillippi Ryan’s What You See, and so many others.

As they say, it’s an honor to be nominated. But if you enjoyed Protectors 2: Heroes and are going to the convention, your vote will help sell the book and generate more revenue for Protect: The National Association to Protect Children. I’ve donated over $4500 so far. Let’s keep it going, for the HERO Corps!


Blood on the Bayou available for pre-order!

Blood on the Bayou, the Bouchercon 2016 anthology edited by Greg Herren and published by Down & Out Books is now available for pre-order!
My Jay Desmarteaux yarn “Gumbo Weather” appears with stories byDavid Morrell, Eric Beetner, Alison Gaylin, Bv Lawson, Dino Parenti,Gary Phillips and Terrie Moran among others.

Grab an early copy for your Kindle, Nook, or e-reader.
We’ll be signing the print copies at the con! You can also pre-order the paperback directly from Down & Out here.

There are two options: Pick up at Bouchercon (no shipping charge) and Ship to Buyer ($4.95 shipping charge).
The ebook versions of the book are already up and available for pre-orders on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo (at a special pre-order discounted price of $5.99)

Bouchercon 2016! moderating Leather & Lace

Are you attending Bouchercon 2016 in New Orleans? I’ve been going for five years now, and it keeps getting better. It’s a crime and mystery fiction convention for the fans, and the volunteers who run it do a fantastic job. Judy Bobalik and Jon Jordan handled the immense task of setting up panels for over 700 registered writers and this year I’m moderating one, and speaking at another.

I’ll be moderating Leather & Lace: Hardboiled vs. Cozy, which has writers who do both or skirt the middle. Linda Rodriguez, Chris Knopf, Linda Joffe Hull, Clea Simon, and Dave Putnam will be answering my questions and yours. I’m writing a “cozy” now–at least a less gritty and more humorous novel–and those familiar with Jay Desmarteaux, Denny the Dent, and Blade of Dishonor know I also write hardboiled. This one will be great fun. It’s on Friday at 11:00am.

Zoe Sharp is moderating The Boxer panel, which is about writing violence. Having trained in America and Japan and gotten my butt whupped by Keigo Kunihara in the sparring ring (he fought in UFC55) I know why they chose me for that one. But there’s a lot more to writing violence. I’m looking forward to this one. This is also Friday, 3:30pm.

Here’s the card for Leather & Lace:



I haven’t posted in a while…

But I’m looking forward to Bouchercon