Hangover Helper at the Brownstone Diner

After Firecracker’s apartment-warming party I slept until noon- a rare vice for me- and when we woke, the sun was like Larry Miller said- “like God’s flashlight.” So we went to the Brownstone Diner in Jersey City for their justly famous pancakes.
This is peaches and walnuts with a side of sausage. I couldn’t wait to take a photo. I dove in to their peachy syrupy goodness and never looked back. They were delicious. Fluffy, soft, buttery goodness; never spongy or dry, always full of flavor. Firecracker had peanut butter & chocolate chip, her usual. With a banana to try to make it healthy. That was good too- I prefer fruit with my flapjacks.
There was of course a line at brunch-time on a Sunday in hipsterville, but it wasn’t a long wait at all. They keep things moving, the service is prompt, and the kitchen operates like a well-oiled machine. good coffee, great ‘cakes. So filling, and reasonably priced. I found out about this on Diners, Drive-Ins and Douchebags with my nemesis Guy Ramsey Ferry, but friends Rob & Suzanne live in the area and knew it. We went previously, and I had one of their enormous omelets. This may be my favorite Jersey Diner, and we have a LOT to choose from.
They can definitely call themselves a Pancake Factory, as they serve a full house with great efficiency. Maybe they extrude them like Play-Doh and slice them? It doesn’t taste like it. They are some of the best. Next time- burgers. Diner burgers always disappoint me in their mediocrity. I bet the Brownstone will surprise me. I will report back!