Interview with Zak Mucha on fictional abusers & and how to defend against real ones

I interviewed Zak Mucha​ about his book Emotional Abuse: A Manual for Self-Defense, and we talked real and fictional sociopaths and abusers at Criminal Element​.

The full interview is here:

A Field Guide to Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissists, and Other Abusers: An Interview with Zak Mucha

His book is very useful and helps you spot users, abusers, losers, and your garden variety layin’ sacks o’ shit. A useful book in these times.



Tough Guys Dance: Chatting with Alex Segura

My friend Alex Segura invited me to chat crime fiction and our latest novels at Criminal Element. Alex is the author of the Pete Fernandez PI Miami mysteries, and he also writes comics, including Archie Meets KISS. He’s a great guy you should check out his series.

He asked me about what inspired Bad Boy Boogie.”I knew where I belonged, and it wasn’t Mayberry.”

A Dangerous Dance: A Conversation with Alex Segura & Thomas Pluck


Bad Boy Boogie sweepstakes at the Criminal Element

Five days until Bad Boy Boogie officially busts out of prison… if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, what’s stopping you? If you do, I will send you a personally inscribed bookmark, and a little something to spice up yo’ life. You have until Tuesday.

If you’re the gambling type, you can hop on over to Criminal Element and try your luck at a free copy in their sweepstakes. You can also read the first chapter which kicks off Jay’s story with a bang…

There are already reports of the book in the wild, so don’t get left behind. One reader called it “Burke meets Parker on steroids” which made me blush. Jay wouldn’t use performance enhancing drugs, and unlike the legendary Parker, he will crack a joke… he’s a little more Grofield meets Parker!

photo courtesy Jenn R.

The Peepland Tour with Christa Faust

A while back the unsinkable Christa Faust was in New York for Comicon, and we went on a tour of Times Square, looking for unDisneyfied corners and found quite a few. The peep shop she worked in is an empty storefront but we visited the last remaining one in the area and even sneaked into the long-gone area where the peep girls once worked. It’s all video now.

So drop by Criminal Element for a tour of old sleazy New York and make sure you pick up Peepland, a great gritty and sentimental visit to ’80s Times Square, by Christa and Gary Phillips, for Hard Case Crime’s new comic imprint. It’s great so far. Issue #1 is out, and #2 streets Nov.30th


and a peek at the villain to come… look familiar?


Hap & Leonard episode 2: “The Bottoms”

Don’t get too excited, the only ‘bottom’ you see doesn’t belong to Trudy (Christina Hendricks). Another fine foray into Lansdale’s world. Full review at Criminal Element.


Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

One of the most polarizing films of late is THE WITCH by Roland Eggers, a brutal period piece. Another brutal period piece, The Revenant, nearly won Best Picture, but left many wondering why.

I take on both these films at Criminal Element. Black Phillip is not amused:



Show Me a Hero (and I’ll give you a tragedy)- episodes 1 and 2

I’m enjoying the hell out of David Simon and Paul Haggis’s new miniseries, Show Me a Hero. I recapped and reviewed the first two episodes for Criminal Element. (They are showing them in pairs). This is gripping and important television, about recent and nearly forgotten history that is especially prescient right now.

It is based on a book by Lisa Belkin of the same name: