Unloaded available for pre-order

The newest Denny the Dent story appears in Unloaded: Crime Writers Writing Without Guns, from Down & Out Books. Edited by Eric Beetner, it includes stories from Joe Lansdale, Hilary Davidson, Joyce Carol Oates, Reed Farrel Coleman, Kelli Stanley, Tom Pitts, Holly West, Tim O’Mara, and many more.

And it’s the only place you can read “The Final Encore of Moody Joe Shaw,” where Denny helps an old lady with her crumbling house. It soon becomes apparent that somebody has it in for her, perhaps to get their hands on her collection of vintage jazz 78s…. but not if Denny has anything to say about it.


You can pre-order Unloaded for Kindle or trade paperback from Amazon, or waltz on down to your local bookstore and ask them to order a copy.

And remember, Denny the Dent: 5 Tales of Street Justice is only .99 cents for a limited time, if you need to catch up on him.



Denny the Dent in Unloaded – and a limited time offer

The newest Denny the Dent story, “The Final Encore of Moody Joe Shaw” appears in UNLOADED, out soon from Down & Out Books. For a limited time, you can buy the first five Denny stories for only 99 cents on Kindle.
Of course, the collection is also lowered in price for Barnes & Noble NookKobo e-readers and  iTunes for iPad and iPhones.
Reminds me of an old joke–what’s the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?
Beer nuts are $1.09, but deer nuts are under a buck.
Don’t worry, Denny wouldn’t laugh, either.
Denny the Dent
 Cover by artist Conrad Teves.

Crime Fiction Friday: JUNKYARD DOG

My Denny the Dent story, “Junkyard Dog” is featured for Crime Fiction Friday at MysteryPeople this week:

Crime Fiction Friday: JUNKYARD DOG by Thomas Pluck

Thanks to Scott Montgomery and crew for choosing me. This one’s a favorite of mine. A new Denny story is in the works as we speak.

You can get all 5 Denny stories in Denny the Dent: 5 Tales of Street Justice.

Denny the Dent: 5 Tales of Street Justice

Out now and headed your way…

Denny the Dent

I’m not smart, but I listen good.

When God judges me, I’ll beat his ass for making this hateful world.”

Denny “the Dent” Forrest is six foot five, three-fifty, and born with a dent in the side of his head that makes everyone he meets think he is just big and stupid. He can lift a truck off a trapped child… or twist a man’s head clean off with his bare hands. In these five tales of urban noir, the baddest men on the streets of Newark just won’t let Denny and his friends be. He may not know a lot, but he knows right from wrong… and how to make wrong right with his two big hands.

“I fell in love with Denny, scars and all.” –Pankhearst Review

The first five Denny the Dent stories are collected in Denny the Dent: 5 Tales of Street Justice
Legacy of Brutality: Denny just wants to pump iron at the gym. When a trainer’s boyfriend thinks she’s sweet on big Denny, he starts all sorts of trouble.
Rain Dog: On a run through Newark’s Weequahic park, there’s no telling what you’ll find. Denny finds trouble, and ends it the only way he knows how.
Junkyard Dog: When Denny’s scrap hauling buddy’s pitbull puppy is taken by a dogfighting ring, he must save it before it’s tore up and taught to live on pain, just like Denny was.
Garbage Man: In his biggest adventure yet, Denny fights gangbangers and cops to save do-gooder neighbors from themselves.
Train: A woman from Denny’s past shakes his world, and he learns there are some things you can never set right.

Available for:
Amazon Kindle US
Amazon Kindle (all other countries)
Barnes & Noble Nook
Kobo e-readers (soon)


Denny the Dent

Coming Soon:

Cover art by Conrad Teves. Design by Sarah Bennett Pluck. E-book design by JW Manus.

350 pounds of street justice closing his massive fists around the throats of brutal bullies and Brick city badmen.

Rain Dog
Legacy of Brutality
Junkyard Dog
Garbage Man