Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?

If you don’t know what either of those are, you are missing out on the king of breakfast meats. Thinly sliced, spicy breakfast salami, it is the official breakfast meat of New Jersey:

Taylor Pork Roll

Some call it pork roll, others Taylor Ham, though it only vaguely resembles ham. It’s not rubbery like Spam, or grainy like scrapple. It has a spice all its own, and when sliced thin and fried to crisp edges, it is the perfect accompaniment to a fried egg and slice of American cheese (Land O’ Lakes preferred) on a kaiser roll, bagel, English muffin, tortilla, or my favorite, challah French Toast:

jersey farmer
The Jersey Farmer at the Candlewyck Diner

P.S.: Challah is pronounced “Holla!”

You can get this at the Candlewyck Diner near Giants stadium in the Meadowlands, and I reviewed this great Jersey diner for Devil Gourmet, in my weekly column The Big Eat.


Christian’s Steak and Grill

I visited Christian’s Steak and Grill with two fellow carnivores- my cousin Pete the triathlete and firefighter, and my personal trainer and MMA fight buddy, Peter V. Dell’Orto. Me and the Petes demolished pounds of delicious steak and sides for a ridiculous low price. This is the DP’s Pub of steakhouses, minus the pub: BYOB.
Check it out at THE BIG EAT!

The Churrasco Chileno:
Churrasco Chileno Christian's

Pulling for Pudster’s and their grilled cheese cheeseburger!

While I was away on vacation, Devil Gourmet published my review of Pudster’s for The Big Eat.

The unfortunately named Pudster’s is a hot dog and burger hut, home of an excellent grilled cheese cheeseburger.


Would you say I have a bevy of burgers?

Today at The Big Eat, I introduce you to my favorite local pub and burger joint, The Cloverleaf Tavern, where they offer a new burger every week. Some of them are a little odd, many are phenomenal, but none of them are boring.
The Cloverleaf’s classic comes perfectly cooked with a good sear on a chewy Italian roll with some of the best fries in the area- the “Trail cut” steak fry/fried potato hybrid, which gives you crisp and pillowy in every bite.
Check them out.


The Big Eat – Senorita’s Mexican Grill

For this week’s The Big Eat, I drop by Senorita’s Mexican Grill for plates of pork chipotle, fresh guacamole, margaritas and burritos.

Senoritas Burrito

Bacon Pizza and a Big Burger: Fitzgerald’s 1928

Fitzgerald 1928Had an amazing bacon, caramelized onion, and boursin pizza at a local gastropub. And the above burger. I’ll tell you all about it in The Big Eat for Devil Gourmet.

Onward to bacon pizza and burgers…


The Big Eat: Not-So Appetizio

Today at The Big Eat I measure sandwiches in cubits and devour a disappointing delicacy.


Drop by Devil Gourmet to read about this not-so-hot fried eggplant mess. They also have a discount code for 10% off Brew at the Zoo at the Turtleback Zoo, June 29th. NJ Craft beer and a zoo full of critters. Let’s see if they let me leave or lock me in the gorilla cage.