Christa Faust: Double D Double Cross

How can you not love a title like that? Especially if you dig classic pulp.

We immediately know the character. She’s butch, but she’s a fatale. She is a dyke, and she is a (private) dick. And there will be plot twists with twists who sport hefty hardware. I’m a sucker for alliteration, and it takes a cunning linguist to come up with a title like that. Ms. Faust takes the spirit of that cheeky title along for the full monty, dishing up a great read with lusty shenanigans, sharp humor, and a classic noir sensibility.

Butch is an ex-cop turned shamus, who hangs her shingle in Echo Park. An old flame drops by and she is nearly caught in flagrant delicto (well, she’s licking something, but it’s not her toe) when a client knocks on her door. It’s Mickey, a line cook at a top restaurant, who hires Butch to find her missing girlfriend. From there, the story bounces along through back alley Los Angeles, Armenian gang wars, high priced escort services, and sleazy politicians- everything you’d expect from a classic P.I. story that doesn’t just tease the tropes of the genre but delivers a rogue’s gallery of endearing characters with lives of their own. It’s a thrilling and campy caper that I truly enjoyed. The story plays your heartstrings, funny bone and gets your thumbs flicking pages faster than Butch’s tongue on a Pinkberry… smoothie. Did I mention that it’s also hotter than hell? Butch beds more broads than Bond on a Viagra bender.

I enjoyed Christa Faust‘s excellent novel (CHOKE HOLD), so I jumped on this e-book original like Butch Fatale on a busty femme. If you like your capers campy and your noir down and dirty, this read is for you. available for Nook.

© 2012 Thomas Pluck