Follow Friday 6/26

If you haven’t noticed the little widget in the corner, you can follow my witty twitty twattering on twitter here. If it’s not worthy of a loquacious post, it goes there.

some new blog followers!

Kate Gabrielle of Silents and Talkies, Flapper Doodle and more. In her film blog, she refuses to watch anything made after 1970- an audacious vow- but one that leaves a mother lode of cinematic enjoyment to be had.

Klidmosteren! A Danish food blogger. It looks yummy. Mani tak! That’s all the Danish I remember from my last visit.

TalkieKing of All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing! Another fine classic film blog.

Scandyman of the naughty and titillating Scandy Factory blog, which I adore, and the prolific Celluloid Slammer where you’ll find all sorts of film clips.

I have a feeling my rare classic film post on “Tales of Manhattan” nabbed me these follows, and I’m going to watch and review more older films now. I was once addicted to Turner Classic Movies and watched 66 films in 2 weeks during a rather pathetic period, so I’ve tried to cut down on it. I’ve been reading a lot more lately. I used to be good for a book or two a week, and my huge backlog demands that I get back to it.

follow friday

to this week’s followers, welcome aboard!

Come for the boobies, stay for the food (reviews)…

Radiation Cinema! a fun movie blog that centers on the sci-fi and monster movies of the atomic age. So whether it’s living in the post-apocalyptic nightmare or fending off radioactive grasshoppers, this is a good read.

We’ve been roved through by a Mild Colonial Boy (Esq.) who writes the amusing nerdfest A Wandering Monster, I which is probably an anagram but I’m too dumb to figure it out. He’s got some videos of Vin Diesel admitting that he plays the Dungeons and the Dragons, among other things.

Cinema du Meep is another good movie blog chock full of ’70s and ’80s pop culture and more. I just started reading, and it is a fine addition to my blogroll.

Sehnzeleid (isn’t that a Rammstein album?) of The Basement of Ghoulish Decadence writes a horror movie blog that immediately grabbed me with his irreverent style and similar taste.

Welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy my ramblings!

follow friday!

Twitter is leaking. #followfriday is a Twit thing where you say who’s worth following. So why not on blogs, now that Google Friend Connect makes following blogs easier?

I got 4 new followers this week, each with their own blogs worth reading! Some have multiple blogs, and are so prolific that I feel lazy!

Fellow LAMB Stacia of She Blogged by Night and technoknob – SBBN is a movie blog that concentrates on forgotten films; mostly classics, but newer films get in there. Techno is for general nerdery. Both are well-written and occupy a well-clicked spot on my RSS feed.

Ed Howard of Only the Cinema, Film of the Month Club, and the popular media site The House Next Door. I found House Next Door for its deep reviews of every Mad Men episode, but they have in-depth criticism of movies, and even criticism itself. I have trouble keeping up with all the content!

Fellow LAMB Mikey Filmmaker of Spaghetti and Sweet Peas, the only Oscar blogger who lives in walking distance of the Kodak theater. Anything’s walking distance if you have enough time, but you know what he means!

Kevin J. Olson of Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies, a movie blog that concentrates on Italian Horror, but whose recent excellent review of Heist for Counting Down the Zeroes caught my eye.

Thanks for the follows, folks!

fellow follows

New followers this week, welcome aboard- we’ve got:

Big Monster Cinema – There are many horror movie blogs out there, but I was immediately snagged when I saw reviews of The Wrestler, Flight of the Navigator and The Deer Hunter- good taste, and worth reading.

The Retroist – I love me some nostalgia and the Retroist deals it in spades with Atari 2600 games, cartoons, movies, old advertising… there’s always something interesting to watch or read here, and he posts often.

Jay from The Sexy Armpit: A Whiff of New Jersey Pop Culture. Us Jersey guys have to stick together, and this is the best Jersey blog I’ve yet read. Whether he’s reviewing the Toxic Avenger musical or digging up facts you’d never dream of, I’ve enjoyed reading this one for a while.

Good bloggers all, thanks for reading Pluck You, Too!

who is the more foolish?

… the fool or the fool who follows him?

The follow feature is a nice way to put blogs into Google Reader and also let the blogger know you’re stalking him or her! Here are my friendly stalkers’ blogs. I subscribe back to them because they are good reading, so check them out!

Ellie Great, who makes short films on her blog of the same name.
Raquelle, who writes Out of the Past- A Classic Film Blog, great reading for the classic film fan.
Ivan, who writes Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, a nostalgia blog encompassing movies and much more.
Darth Milk writes Can’t We Go Beyond Thunderdome; he’s just gotten started but has written about music, video games, sports and more.
El Gringo of He Shot Cyrus!, a movie blog that’s been a lot of fun to read this past year.
Samurai Frog, who contributes to No Smoking in the Skull Cave, a pop culture & movie blog which also features some terrific pin-up photography and art.
Kirby of Movie Dearest, devoted to film, TV and theater!
and J.D. of Radiator Heaven, another of my favorite movie blogs.

Thanks for following my blog, and thanks for writing yours.