Terminator Salvation promo scenes and robot design

Admittedly I had reservations when “McG,” the man responsible for directing the Charlie’s Angels movies, was given the reins to the Terminator franchise. I felt a little better when Every Nerd’s Man-Crush, Christian Bale, assumed the mantle of John Connor. The teaser trailer gave a visual gleam of hope, and now this leaked promo gives us an unpolished look at some of SkyNet’s army.

There’s not a lot to see here, but I like that this is set before the rise of the T-800 “Arnie” models- they mention a bulkier T-600, which may be the “rubber skinned models” Kyle Reese talked about in the first movie. We get to see one fool Connor from a distance in this, so that seems plausible. I like some of the larger Hunter-Killer and Harvester units shown here. Who doesn’t like a giant killer robot?

On the down side, Connor seems a little… slow in early scenes, which doesn’t seem right when he’s seen all sorts of killer robots by now, including the mimic T-1000, so he should be paranoid of anyone being an impostor ready to kill him. I hope the scene here is out of context, because we already saw John begin his journey to resistance leader in T2 and T3.